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Water Utility Problems

3625 S Sowder SQ

Case Date:

My water pressure is very low. It has been for a few months, but it's much worse now.

closed #172522

Water Utility Problems

3633 Fox Trail Pl, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

Case Date:

Water meter is leaking.

closed #172181

Water Utility Problems

3846 S Mcdougal ST

Case Date:

I found a notification on my door yesterday afternoon. It says my house has been using 10 gallons per hour non-stop. There is no leakage in this house. Is there something you can do to check on the faulty meter? My water bill is $100 average per month.

closed #168391

Sidewalk Requests

400 W 7th ST

Case Date:

In FYI about water meter on Fess north of 4th Street. When I stepped on the concrete around the meter, it all levered up. I think the gap is visible in the photo. Utilities checked area on Fess N. of Second- found no problem with meter pits- did see an open hole in tree plot marked in white.Does not appear to be utility related.

closed #172719

Water Utility Problems

422 E Dodds ST

Case Date:

The water meter for my house is in an awkward position and my plumber said to contact the utilities to have it set right. He recently had to shut off the water at the street to make a repair in my house.

closed #170697

Utilities Yardwork

47408, Bloomington, Indiana

Case Date:

New water meters are being put in along Old State Road 37. There is a safety issue with the mess left behind. Workers have left large trash piles and large mounds of dirt behind where pedestrians walk. The gravel is settling and leaving dips in the grade.

closed #166919

Water Utility Problems

501 N Morton ST

Case Date:

Our whole house seems to have suddenly lost water pressure, almost completely.

closed #171239

Water Utility Problems

525 N Fess AVE

Case Date:

cover on water meter is not secure, could slide off

closed #174398

Water Utility Problems

712 W Glen Arbor WAY

Case Date:

Water pressure coming into our house is too high. Plumber recommended we report this issue to the city. Water pressure is in the 90's and we are concerned it will ruin our water heater, washer, or other major appliances.

closed #174639

Water Utility Problems

734 W 17th ST

Case Date:

My water bill is has been going up for the past couple of months and has now doubled. The people who run our townhouse and found no leaks on our side so I was wondering if the city could check for leaks on there end.