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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

119 S Glenwood AVE W

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Sorry if this is duplicate submission. Not sure last one went through. I have gulley in front of my house that is blocked by growth coming up between sparse rip rap. Water is eroding the gulley by finding path around foliage and leaves carried from upstream. Went out today after rain and water in not draining well at all. Report not submitting with pic so trying again without the pic

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Parks & Playgrounds

3421 E Longview AVE

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The water fountain is leaking. Water is seeping out around the base of the fixture. Thank you for addressing the erosion to the north of the steps leading up to the shelter and park. Also, there are multiple areas of erosion around the park. Notable areas are to the east of the shelter and to the south of the sidewalk on the south side of the playground structure but there are presumably other bare areas prone to erosion due to their location on a hill or in a high traffic areas. To prevent long term damage to the structure of the park and not having the shelter area turn in to a muddy mess, please address these issues.

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Parks & Playgrounds

3425 E Longview AVE

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The water fountain is leaking in Park Ridge Park.