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Water Utility Problems

804 1/2 S Peachtree LN

Case Date:

Broken water line

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

701-715 South Mitchell Street

Case Date:

I am the owner-occupier at 1604 E University St. January 8-10, a water line had frozen and was repaired under the gravel alley that leads to the driveway/parking spots at the back of my house (and 3 other residences). At the conclusion of the repair, the two large holes that had been dug to access the water line had been filled in and some new gravel was spread over them. I do not believe that enough gravel was replaced, as the alley is now incredibly uneven and there are several large low spots that make it difficult to navigate, especially in the recent icy/snowy conditions. Is it possible for the City to add some more gravel to the alley?

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

200-298 North Oak Street

Case Date:

There appears to be a leak in the water hydrant on Oak Street between 5th and 6th Street, at the alley. The east side of Oak Street is always wet even when it's not raining, and it's directly across from a hydrant. I couldn't find a place to share this information so please share it with the right group. Thanks!!!

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Water Utility Problems

200 East Martha Street

Case Date:

I've been waiting FOUR MONTHS (since July) for the city to move my water meter and connect my new water line to the new water main. The city told me that I needed to do this, and I've spent thousands of dollars to do it. Now it's almost winter. I keeping calling periodically, but nothing gets done.

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Water Utility Problems

1217 E University ST

Case Date:

Water is not coming in from the main. Suspect frozen pipe leading to house.

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Drainage or Runoff

112 W 6th St

Case Date:

7-20-2020: Second major flooding in Vance Music due to rainwater: Alleywork by City (install a water line?), water filters through alley surface patch, floods basement. This time, CFC Properties notified us their basement flooded as well. Alley needs resolution, Vance Music has lost property. Olympus will need to assess any structural damage due to water infiltration. Please advise.

closed #162239

Water Utility Problems

104 S Bryan AVE

Case Date:

Our water hasn't been working since Sunday. The employee who came out then said the pipe was frozen from meter to main and that a crew would be out. A crew has not been out today and I am trying to find out when one will be and when we can expect to have water on again.

closed #161869

Water Utility Problems

1010 S Greenwood AVE

Case Date:

Question: why do my house plumbing leaks occur when lots of people leave town for vacation? This happens not every vacation, but most of the leaks in my house have occurred like today, at vacation time, or 4th of july, etc. Is it that city water pressure to my house goes up then? Do you try to regulate pressure for this vacation exodus?

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City Performance

Case Date:

I want to let management know what a great employee Debbie Miller is. We recently had our well water tested at the Dillman Lab and she assisted us with the process. She was so helpful and friendly, a great person to be representing Bloomington!

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Case Date:

possible water-main break. at the intersection of walnut & 6th st, there's a lot of water on the street that is freezing which could cause cars to slide.