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Utilities Construction

608 N Kerry DR

Case Date:

A water main broke and was repair on Thanksgiving Day, 2020. The road damage and damage to my yard has not been repaired. When will this be done?

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Utilities Construction

620 W 15th ST

Case Date:

There is water coming up from the street here. It's actually been happening for months. Looks like either some sort of water main break.

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Utilities Construction

115 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

I am a resident of Bloomington and live at: 3445 Constance Avenue I am enrolled in a college course called Environmental Technology. I have a project to perform and was asked by my instructor for the following items of the city where I live, Water Treatment Facility. 1. Types of pipe material 2. Initial cost of the water treatment system 3. Design water flow rate 4. Number of water towers and pumping stations 5. Problems with the system since it was built in 1967 6. Change in elevation from highest to lowest compared to where the location of water treatment facility 7. Types of disinfectant used I found three websites with a lot of information that I need but is there any other sites that would give me some of the answers to the questions listed above? I called the site at 812- 824-9311 with little success. thank you for your time. Sincerely, Joe Schartz

closed #135263

Utilities Construction

617 W 17th ST

Case Date:

water coming up in road, possible main break.

closed #135222

Utilities Construction

3963 N Ironwood CT

Case Date:

customer hears water running in the storm drain in front of his house.

closed #135206

Utilities Construction

222 W Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

Water coming out of bldg.

closed #135103

Utilities Construction

103 N College AVE

Case Date:

Customer says water is coming into basement from underground, not sure why. Please check on this.