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Drainage or Runoff

3020 S Stratford DR

Case Date:

Follow-up on Report #185258 – Assistance needed, please forward to Ms. Elizabeth Carter. Dear Ms. Carter, Thank you for your prompt response to case #185258. We seek your continued guidance regarding the issue outlined in the initial message. The eroded drainage-way section lies outside our rental property's limits. After discussions with all relevant property owners (1912 E Wexley Rd, 1920 E Wexley Rd and 3020 Stratford Dr), we've concluded that this affected section of the drainage-way, causing flooding, might not be on our properties. This is reinforced by utility bollards adjacent to the eroded zone, demarcated by an extra fence. Suspicions arise from recently installed storm drain pipes on E Wexley, which appear to now funnel excessive water into this drainage-way, exacerbating erosion on both sides and ultimately flooding our properties. We kindly request the City of Bloomington's experts to determine ownership of the eroded section accurately and provide expert advice, ideally from an engineer, on addressing the heightened drainage flow, which is beyond our control. My apologies for the earlier property manager's email address error. The correct contact details are as follows: Ms. Janet Jin (812-325-9093, cjcornerstone.mgt@gmail.com). Your assistance in this pressing matter is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Gergo Szanda

closed #185258

Drainage or Runoff

3020 S Stratford DR

Case Date:

Dear Madam/Sir, We are writing to report an ongoing and hazardous issue concerning the creek that runs behind our properties (3020 S Stratford Dr and 1920 E Wexlex Rd). After moderate to heavy rainfall, the creek's bank becomes overwhelmed by the increased water flow, resulting in flooding of our yards and water surrounding the residence at 3020 Stratford Dr. Our observations indicate that this flooding is primarily caused by erosion along the creek's eastern basin, located on public land 'above' and 'behind' our properties. The severity of the flooding is evident as approximately 2-3 inches of water accumulates around the house, enters the crawl space, and covers utility equipment such as the electric manhole and bollards. The water takes several hours to recede, during which time the electric manhole remains submerged. We have already notified Duke Energy about this issue, given its potential electrical hazards. As new tenants, we have identified this critical problem that was somehow overlooked by previous residents. While we can only attach a single image to this message and all incidents have taken place at night since our move, we are ready and willing to assist your team in identifying the eroded section of the creek bank, provide on-site explanations and further images if needed. We respectfully request your guidance on addressing this matter and your assistance in coordinating with Duke Energy, if required, to urgently resolve this situation. In case you are unable to reach us at 765-508-9679, please contact our property manager, Ms. Janet Jin (812-325-9093, jcornerstone.mgt@gmail.com), as we may be overseas. Thank you for your immediate attention to this pressing concern. Sincerely, Gergo Szanda

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Water Utility Problems

1312 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

My water utility bill has been paid and I still have yet to get my water cut on. It’s been two days now. Me and my roommates are in school and we are in need of washing ourselves and our clothes. Please make this an urgent matter. With kindness, AG

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

1018 S Ballantine RD

Case Date:

In January 2023, while an optic cable was being installed on our street, the company called Vertical Underground LLC, which we were informed was contracted by the City of Bloomington to do the job, broke our sewer line (along with the lines of many others of our neighbors). We complained to one of Vertical Underground's managers who was working on fixing our neighbor's line, and he informed us that they would fix the problem and that we didn't need to worry. In order to do the repair, they had to break through our concrete driveway to repair the damage and re-pour the damaged section of the driveway. The problem seemed to be fixed for a few months, however, these past weeks, we have been experiencing the same issues that initially led us to the discovery of the damage they caused. That is, our drains are not draining, toilets are not draining and water is returning through the shower drain. We would like to request that CBU send someone to inspect the situation because we believe that the problem was not fixed properly. Thank you.

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

613 E 2nd ST

Case Date:

Two cats are located at 613 E 2nd St and are currently being neglected. The owner refuses to clean up the litter boxes and only does so once a week. Both cats are suspected to have UTIs and one cat has been throwing up her food for months with no vet appointment booked. The owner, Lilian Ross is renting the apartment and does not feed them in a timely manner nor does she provide them with water. Please investigate this issue as both of these cats do not deserve to live in such squalid conditions.

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

315 W Gordon PIKE

Case Date:

Management of Southcrest estates is deliberately adding antifreeze to containers of water in the trailer park with the intent of murdering the local cats and dogs that reside there regardless if they are chipped or collared. Please look into this issue as soon as possible, a neighborhood cat has already died and was found with antifreeze dripping out of its mouth and it was disposed of by management subsequently by being thrown into a dumpster. This is a hazard and risk to all humans and animals exposed to these toxic chemicals. Especially small children that may hold or interact with affected animals.

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1341 S Stella DR

Case Date:

Cbu water manhole cover is off/open in front of this address

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Parks & Rec Buildings

1020 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

The Bryan Park pool is looking a little rough. Both of the larger water slides have graffiti on the inside that you see when you go down them. There are two mushroom-like water features in the Limestone Lagoon: one doesn't spray water anymore and the other is missing its top. The women's locker room has peeling paint and felt damp and grubby. This pool is arguably the best in town, but it is sorely in need of a refresh.

closed #184694

Unsafe Buildings

2701 S Madison ST

Case Date:

The house is unsafe. Previous complaints on this address have not been addressed. They have a tarp covering a hole on the garage roof. There is trash all over the yard items that they've pulled from the trailer like a toilet that not just sits in the yard. They made a chicken wire fence to keep their dogs in but the dogs have gotten out numerous times(animal control is aware of the problem with the dogs). If they are renting from the owner then it didn't pass any kind of inspection to become a dwelling that could be rented out. It is also possible that they illegally turned the water back on to the trailer.

closed #184607

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1220 E Allendale DR

Case Date:

Constant water source seeming to come up from the road or sidewalk on the southeast corner of Bainbridge and Allendale.