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closed #187329

Water Utility Problems

801 W 9th ST

Case Date:

No water pressure in the house at 801 W 9th street.

closed #187307

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

Case Date:

Grandview Hills Neighborhood Association report for sewerage on 3617 Post Rd. This report is on behalf of our neighborhood. I have been in contact with Shian'ah Cox at the Health Department regarding a sewer leak on Dec 18, 2023. She came out to take a test. She let me know that the she needed assistance from the Water Utilities to give her access or for them to take the test themselves. As of yesterday Feb 13, 2024 she let me know that she still has not heard back from Water Utilities on steps taken, testing, or results. Our neighbor, Bruce Johnson looked back through his emails and notes to offer other timelines to help give some background on what he has been noticing and who he has contacted. "I contacted Alex Gray with the City on 9/25/23 and alerted her to the problem on Post Road. I called her again on 12/5/23. She told me that she remembered the issue and had taken photos of it on her first visit. My notes show that I first identified the leak in April when I noticed liquid around the flower pot (fiber optic access). The problem was caused by the original fibre optic contractors who were first on site in November of 2022. I have been in contact with ALL of the AEG sub-contractors when they started working in our area again in November of this year. I have contacted Hoosier Fiber networks field supervisor Luis Medina on at least 3 occasions by calling him on his cell phone. In addition I have spoken with Russell Lo (AEG supervisor for the work in our area) 2 or more times about this issue. All of the conduit in our neighborhood that was installed in 2022 was abandoned (left in the ground) and all new conduit was pulled in. None of the subs wanted to repair the problem as they did not cause it. Russell Lo told me some weeks ago that "it was repaired". Indeed the flower pot was reset when the new conduit was installed--but it rapidly filled up with effluent. I understand that you have contacted the City Health Department and that they will test the liquid for fecal bacteria. I have attached photos of the liquid in the flower pot plus the site that I took today. In addition I took a photo of the abandoned conduit on Post Road to the East of 3617 near the intersection of Meadowlark. The liquid drains into that abandoned conduit and it has been full for over a year. The street is platted for a width of 40 feet and the flower pot HAS to be on City property. I have personally witnessed liquid bubbling up and out of the flower pot. I believe that the residence is using a pump to get the waste water up to the sewer. Should anyone have further questions they can email me. Bruce W. Johnson" We need follow up on this problem. The photos can be shared by email on request. Thank you, Gillian Field

closed #187297


Case Date:

Re reports #187256 and #187257, these were closed as “city does not maintain county lot”. Okay, but now the Monroe County does not have to abide by city laws when they are located in city limits? This is cause for concern as the excessive dirt and debris cause damage which those laws in place are made to prevent. As well, it also gets washed into the storm system which is a huge concern! So it is okay for the County to have street signage lodged in a stormwater grate right near the southeast corner of the parking lot? This hurts the flow of water and again has impacts on the stormwater system.

closed #187164

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

213 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

Please test the water leaking from this house for coliforms. It smells again. Water is in alley. See previous ureport case.

closed #187155


2304 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

We had to move due to our rental, not having heat or running water. The hot water heater went out, as well as the heater. Landlord refused to fix. The landlord was notified, and the response was for us to fix it.

closed #187129


Case Date:

On Sunday afternoon after all the rain, I noticed a debris dam across the creek that was holding back some water. Yesterday it was not holding back water, but remains in a position to collect more debris in the next rains. On Sunday I could see from the trail through Olcott woods that the water had overflowed at the dam and moved across the low land on the north side of the creek, through the grove of pawpaws.. Part of the debris came from a pile that had been just below the bridge. The dam includes a tree trunk that is now caught on an upright tree. If you go to the bridge and stand on the Olcott end and look downstream, you can see the debris dam.

closed #187093

Drainage or Runoff

406 S Madison ST

Case Date:

Water running out of ground for a week.

closed #187089

Water Quality

Case Date:

Hi, bit of an odd request. I have a few aquariums, and I use tap water conditioned to remove chlroine. I usually do a water parameter test before refilling my tank, and sometimes the pH can fluctuate from 6.2 - 9.0 within two tests in the same day. Is there any data on the pH of the cities tapwater that I could be sent? Second question, what would cause that big of a variance within 6hrs? If this would be too much to ask, or the wrong place to ask, please kindly ignore this message.

closed #186983

Potholes, Other Street Repair

904 N Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

Complex, long-standing problem: water pools and has nowhere to drain to on Woodlawn just north of 12th Street and up against the south side of the RR tracks. This isn't such an issue when the temperature is reasonable, but when it freezes it poses a sliding risk when the train is approaching. Major accident just waiting to happen.

closed #186982

Potholes, Other Street Repair

110 E 12th ST

Case Date:

Maybe a complex problem, but there is often standing water (rain or shine, but especially when it's been raining) on the sidewalk and the street in the block just east of Walnut on the south side of 12th Street. .