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Page last updated on September 6, 2021 at 11:45 am


Bloomington's digital infrastructure will play a central role in our community's economic prosperity development and our residents' quality of life. Connectivity is essential for modern businesses, the creative arts, education, healthcare and home life. World-class connectivity is essential for our community to continue to thrive. 

Dozens of experts in the field and local and national service providers have emphasized that the time is right for Bloomington to act. We have studied other communities that have built their own infrastructure. One thing is clear: no one cookie-cutter approach works everywhere. Some have partnered with brand new providers like Google Fiber; others have partnered with universities and other governments; others have persuaded existing providers to accelerate infrastructure upgrades. For Bloomington, Mayor Hamilton has outlined what he believes are the vital guiding principles: Bloomington's 21st Century Broadband must be community-wide, community controlled and revenue positive. 

While we have experienced many challenges on our road to establishing city-wide fiber, Mayor Hamilton and the City of Bloomington remain firmly committed to exploring the best options to accomplish this goal, which is the 21st century infrastructure needed and desired by so many of our residents, businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare providers.