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City of Bloomington, Indiana

Who can sell at Market?

At the Bloomington Community Farmers' Market there are three categories of vendors, each with a unique set of guidelines and means of participation. The vast majority of the vendors are the farm vendors, and the Farmers' Market accepts applications from anyone who raises farm product in Indiana. We also host A Fair of the Arts, a juried art and fine craft fair, with 30 vendors selling on the second Saturday of the month, May through October. The third group of vendors is the Prepared Food Vendors, with 10 spaces located on the Farmers' Market Plaza on the B-Line Trail.

If you have questions about the product you would like to sell and how it might qualify, please contact the Farmers' Market staff at 812.349.3738 or

    Farm Vendors

    Farm vendors selected and approved to sell at Market must reside in Indiana and are expected to be consistently involved with and participate substantially in the production of goods permitted for sale at the Market. The ELIGIBILITY OF VENDORS section of the Farmers' Market Vendor Contract provides definitions for determining eligibility to vend. The mission of the Market is to support small farmers and these definitions provide clarification as to who is a small farmer.

    Farmers who wish to sell at the Farmers' Market in 2017 are required to go through the application and selection process and to submit a complete Farm Vendor Application and Farmers' Market Vendor Contract and the accompanying $20 fee to the Parks and Recreation office by Monday, March 20, 2017, or if the farmer wants to reserve a space these materials are due at the space reservation meeting on Monday, February 27, 2017. The application fee does not apply if all vendors on the contract are 16 years of age or younger.

    Art and Craft Vendors

    Visit the A Fair of the Arts Web page for more information about how to participate as a fine craft and art vendor.

    Prepared Food Vendors and Food Trucks/Push Carts

    On Saturdays, there are several prepared food vendors on the Farmers' Market Plaza on the B-Line Trail. These spaces were created to bring the Market customer a variety of goods which complement the produce and local products that are available from the farm vendors. These special vendors are awarded rights to sell their types of products through a Request for Proposal process. The deadline for submission is typically in early February. For the privilege of selling prepared foods at the Farmers' Market, these vendors pay an annual vending fee, as well as 10% of their gross proceeds, to the Market. For more information regarding product guidelines, criteria for selecting vendors, and to receive a request for proposal to operate a food vending stall, contact Marcia Veldman at (812) 349-3738 or