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Page last updated on July 28, 2022 at 4:25 pm

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Southeast Park Improves Accessibility; Businesses Around the Hidden River Construction are Open; and Installation of ADA-Compliant Ramps Continues

Bloomington, Ind. – Numerous infrastructure improvement projects are underway this season to advance community goals, including safety, sustainability, accessibility, equity, economic vitality, and quality of life in Bloomington. The City will provide regular public updates on a range of these improvements as they progress. City departments coordinate with one another, as well as with private developers, to minimize the impact on Bloomington residents and visitors. 





Southeast Park

The nine-acre park on Sycamore Drive near Moores Pike features a paved trail that connects users to the Renwick Trail as well as all the park amenities. A small portion (about 1,500 square feet) of the pedestrian trail between the parking lot north to the tennis courts has deteriorated, causing accessibility concerns. Contractor E & B Paving has been on site this week to remove the deteriorated area and install new asphalt. 

Southeast Park Construction


The Waldron, Hill, and Buskirk Park

Repairs to the performance stage columns have begun. The project contractor is deconstructing the existing columns and is working with structural engineers to re-design and construct new columns. Crews will be working in the park through August to complete the work.





Hidden River Pathway Project

The two-year downtown stormwater infrastructure reconstruction project to address flooding during rain events continues. Last week the contractor, Milestone, began excavating between Trinity Church and Long Fei Restaurant and pouring concrete curbs and sidewalk on 4th St. Rain has delayed paving work this week so Saturday work may be necessary. 


Grant will be closed from 4th to Kirkwood and 4th Street will remain closed from Lincoln to Grant. The alley on the east side of Grant, between Trinity and Long Fei, will be closed. The City will continue to coordinate with other construction and road projects as they reconstruct 1,829 feet of culverts to protect downtown area residential and commercial buildings. This project is on track to be finished by the February 2023 deadline. For more information about the project visit

Hidden River Project


Businesses on 4th and Grant are still open as this project continues around them. They welcome customers and taking the time to visit them may afford residents an opportunity to see what’s happening with this project. The contractor expects to have one eastbound traffic lane on 4th Street and the south sidewalk opened on August 1st. 

Businesses in the impacted area include Siam House, Little Tibet, Burma Garden, Korea Restaurant, Oak, My Thai, DO Asian Fusion, Dat's, B-Town Gyros, Healthy Hoosiers, Bali Cafe, Storm Real Estate, Longfei, Parlor Donuts, Soma Coffeehouse, and Taste of India.

Businesses on 4th Street


Evergreen Village Stormwater

City of Bloomington Utilities will be doing restoration work on a drainage ditch and detention pond in Evergreen Village, off Susie Street. The ditch grading is now complete and planting native flowers and grasses can begin. Weather permitting, the project will be complete in early August.





The Street Division paving finished crews milled N Jefferson Street from E 3rd to E 10th this week. Next week, weather permitting, crews will continue with the resurfacing of N Jefferson Street.

The sidewalk crews completed the installation of ADA-compliant curb ramps on N Jefferson Street from E 3rd to E 10th.  Next week, crews will continue with ADA-compliant ramp installation on E 2nd Street from S High Street to S Swain Avenue to prepare for resurfacing.





Walnut Traffic Signals

The City’s project to construct new traffic signals at the N Walnut Street intersections of 11th Street and 14th Street is expected to be substantially complete by the end of July.  Final work tasks to be completed over the upcoming weeks include installation of pavement markings, power hook-up coordination with Duke, and signal activation. The new signal at 11th Street and Walnut Street was activated on July 25th. This project also includes curb ramp improvements for the pedestrian hybrid beacon crossing of S Walnut Street at the Switchyard Park entrance and B-Link Trail connection. The work at this crossing of S Walnut Street is expected to start this week. 


Hopewell Phase 1 East Demo

The City anticipates demolition activities as identified in the Hospital Site Master Plan to start soon at the Hopewell Phase 1 East project site bounded by 2nd Street to the north, 1st Street to the south, B-Line to the east, and Rogers Street to the west. Some activities such as equipment mobilization, and building preparations for demolition may begin this week with tree clearing next week. The project has a significant landscaping plan that includes over 100 trees and the installation of the City’s first silva cell suspended pavement system to increase the life expectancy and health of the trees in the tree grove area. Additional information about the project and the contractor can be found at the following links:, & The Hospital Site Redevelopment Master Plan is available at


Crosswalk Project

Progress continues on the City’s crosswalk improvement project at the intersections of, 3rd and Grant Streets, 11th Street and Blair Avenue, and Patterson and Isaac Drive. Demolition has begun at all three intersections, and new curbs have been poured at 3rd and Grant. The project requires a short-term full closure of Grant Street just north of 3rd Street to facilitate pavement maintenance and is being coordinated with a water main connection for the adjacent development project (The Annex). Additional information about this project can be found at


Neighborhood Greenways 

The City’s project to construct traffic calming along E 7th Street, Graham Drive, and Ralston Avenue is substantially complete. Recent highlights include the installation of asphalt speed cushions along Graham and Ralston Avenue. Final work tasks to be completed over the upcoming weeks include final paving on 7th Street, installation of signs and pavement markings, and installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacons at the intersections of Graham at Rogers and Rockport. Additional information about the project and contractor can be found at