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Page last updated on September 5, 2021 at 4:41 pm

USGA rules govern all play, except as noted below:

  1. Out of Bounds - Defined by white stakes and boundary chain link fence. Proceed under Rule 27-1.
  2. Lateral Water Hazards - Defined by red stakes. Proceed under Rule 26.
  3. Water Hazards defined by yellow stakes. Proceed under Rule 26.
  4. Slow players allow faster players to play through. Foursomes have precedence over other groups. Please extend this courtesy.
  5. Yardage markers are to center of greens.
  6. Sleeved shirts and shoes are required on the course (non-aggressive soles).
  7. Each player must have their own clubs.
    Inquire at the Pro Shop about renting a bag of clubs if you don't have your own.
  8. Only two riders per cart. Driver must have drivers license.
  9. All employees are authorized to enforce all course rules.


  • Repair ball marks, rake bunkers and replace divots.
  • Keep carts at least 30 feet from all tees and greens.
  • Follow all posted signs and roped areas.