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Page last updated on July 13, 2023 at 11:44 am

Leonard Springs Nature Park consists of 95.5 acres located southwest of city limits off of Leonard Springs Road. 

Hiking trails

  • Leonard Springs Trail - 1.1 miles: This rugged, wood chipped, natural trail with steep slopes and stairs allows views of a wetland, two caves, Shirley Springs, and several other natural wonders.
  • Ridgetop Road - 0.3 miles: A gated gravel road begins at the parking lot and extends to the end of the park. This non-looping road ends at the park's restrooms. No drinkable water is available within the park.

Vault-type restroom facilities are open seasonally and are located at the end of Ridgetop Road, which travels through the park.

Unfortunately, the park is inaccessible due to the rugged nature of the terrain.

The property contains Leonard Spring and Shirley Spring, which issue from a number of outlets in two large spring alcoves. The City of Bloomington purchased the property between 1914 and 1917 in order to construct an impoundment which would store water for municipal use. By 1943, the City was receiving water from other sources. The lake was drained, and the property was not used. In 1998, Bloomington Parks and Recreation purchased the property from Bloomington Utilities Service Board. Leonard Springs Nature Preserve was dedicated on October 18, 1999.