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Amenity locator map for RCA Community Park (PDF 340.33 KB)

Parking: Approximately 50 to 75 parking spaces within the park

Restrooms: Seasonal, unisex restrooms near playground; open seasonally

Accessibility: Interpretive walking trail is accessible. Shelter and parking are accessible.


A new accessible playground was installed at RCA Community Park in 2013.

Sports Amenities

Baseball/softball fields: Two softball/baseball fields. Reservations are free. To reserve the fields, contact Bloomington Parks and Recreation at 349-3700 or e-mail

Basketball courts: four goals/two courts near the parking lot on RCA Park Drive

Playfields: open green space north of the parking lot

Tennis courts: Three courts

Pickleball courts: Two pickleball courts alongside the tennis courts. Bring your own pickleball and paddle.


Early History Trail (0.7 mi.) begins near the tennis courts and proceeds south into a wooded area. The trail extends around the maintained section of the community park, detailing the natural and cultural history of the area.

Thomson Woods Trail (0.74 mi.) Two intersecting loops make up this wooded trail. The trail starts from the Early History Trail and wanders through the forest and a clearing. The trail contains a few interpretive signs and ends at the Small Shelter.