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Page last updated on November 27, 2023 at 7:44 pm

RCA Community Park began as Thomson Community Park with the donation of 48.6 undeveloped acres on the city's southwest side by Thomson Consumer Electronics in October 1991. The company made the donation in recognition of the partnership forged between the residents of the community and this major industry. In 1992, a $75,000 Land and Water Conservation fund grant was awarded to the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department for partial development of the park. 

The first phase of development, including tennis and basketball courts, paved interpretive trail, and playground, was completed in 1995. In December 2009, Bloomington resident Gib Apple approached the Board of Park Commissioners about changing the name of the park from Thomson Community Park to RCA Community Park (the local RCA manufacturing facility in Bloomington closed in 1998). Thomson Consumer Electronics released the specifications in the deed that required the park to be named Thomson, and the name of the park was changed to RCA Community Park in December 2009.

A new playground was installed in November 2012 with a $205,600 Community Development Block Grant.