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Page last updated on October 29, 2021 at 9:09 am

Meeting Recording


The City of Bloomington Citizens' Academy began with our top elected official, Mayor John Hamilton. For our final session, we will hear from other City elected officials: The president of our Common Council and our City Clerk.


Common Council

Our first presentation will be by Jim Sims, President and At-Large Representative on the Bloomington Common Council (often referred to as the City Council). As the legislative body of the City, the Common Council is a link between the citizens of Bloomington and their government.  The Council works to represent the interests of residents, while ensuring the delivery of municipal services by enacting legislation that fosters the health, safety, and welfare of the City. By statute, the Common Council is responsible for the control of the City's property and finances, and the appropriation of money (Indiana Code § 36‐4‐6‐1‐18).


Common Council
Bloomington Common Council. Front row left to right: Jim Sims, Steve Volan, Isabel Piedmont-Smith, Back row left to right: Kate Rosenbarger, Matt Flaherty, Sue Sgambelluri, Dave Rollo, Susan Sandberg, Ron Smith.









Learn more about each Council member, including contact information, by clicking their name.

Jim Sims (Council President and At-Large Representative)

Stephen Volan (District VI Representative)

Isabel Piedmont-Smith (District V Representative)

Kate Rosenbarger (District I Representative)

Matt Flaherty (Parliamentarian and At-Large Representative)

Sue Sgambelluri (Council Vice President and District II Representative)

Dave Rollo (District IV Representative)

Susan Sandberg (At-Large Representative)

Ron Smith (District III Representative)




City Council

City Council District Interactive Map

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City Clerk

Our second presentation will feature Clerk Nicole Bolden, who will discuss the activities of her office. The Bloomington Clerk's Office serves as an educational liaison between citizens and their government. They respond to inquiries regarding matters pertaining to City Council actions or related City information retained in the City Clerk's office, such as the Bloomington Municipal Code.

Nicole Bolden
Clerk Nicole Bolden
















The Bloomington Municipal Code

Council Legislative Packet for October 27, 2021

Sample Resolution (Resolution 17-13)

Sample Ordinance (Ordinance 17-06)

Sample Appropriation Ordinance (App Ord 17-02)

Guide to City of Bloomington Boards and Commissions