City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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47404, Bloomington, Indiana

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Our sub division Northwood Estates has been having a lot of trouble with drainage. It seems that the easements have overgrown scab trees & brush that may be blocking some water but it also seems as thoug your drainage system that takes the water to a creek needs to be cleaned out. We back up to the golf course & have trouble getting the golf course staff to maintain our side of the course, ie mowing, weeds, dead trees along the road,etc. We seem to be a bit neglected when it comes to these problems. Could you please send someone to look at our problem. Thanks, Mary Pearson

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1601 S Rogers St, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

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The tree inside the large dog park has a large diameter dip around the base of it. This dip is constantly filled with very rank smelling water and I along with all other dog owners have discussed how unhappy we are that we must bathe our dogs anytime we take them to get exercise. My dog needs consistent exercise and the best way to do this is at the dog park, but constant bathing can cause skin to dry out. At one point, the city had placed a temporary barrier around it so I believed there was hope for a solution, but since then the barrier has been taken down.

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We're moving into yet another period with dangerous heat indexes, and the water fountains at Southeast Park still remain off. Can these please be turned on ASAP?

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Mayor Hamilton should resign before he wastes more of the cities money. 800k to plant trees in what the urban forester said is an unjust way. (Environmental justice isn't justice) Over 1000 people said they don't want to be part of Bloomington, and after living here two years I can see why, but mayor Hamilton thinks he knows best and has already filed a lawsuit against the state. I can't find the quote so I'll paraphrase "people are asking what's best for them when they question is really what's best for everyone." That is a truly disgusting thing for any politician to say. Mayor Hamilton doesn't know what's best for me, or my family, and he never will, so don't try to speak for us or tell us what we should be asking. Take the money from the lawsuit, the trees, his own undeserved salary that's 5 times the state average and use that money for infrastructure instead of selling bonds and raising taxes. Instead of 400k to hang skyline obscuring triangles from the new 4th street parking garage, you could have hired actual police officers. Quit giving the university sweetheart deals on property and WATER! Why do I pay so much more than the university for water? They get 9 figure gifts, while I struggle to make 5 figures. Quit wasting our money. Quit trying to exert your power over people. Just quit.