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closed #68247

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

716 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

Mrs. Taylor stated that the rain water drains across the road and floods the properties around 700-716 E hillside. The problem started after road work was finished.

closed #43750

Sidewalk Snow Removal

1753 S Park AVE

Case Date:

Standing water in yard of old house next door; is concerned about mosquitos. Also the weeds are very high.

closed #54434

Sidewalk Snow Removal

1816 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

Asphalt berm to divert storm water needs repaired.

closed #117393

Sidewalk Snow Removal

1249 E Miller DR

Case Date:

When it rains the water runs between the houses of 1249 and 1251 E. Miller Dr. The complaintant says that she assumes that there is water running under the foundation of her house. The water also runs about 2 feet from her house in some places.

closed #117544

Sidewalk Snow Removal

1249 E Miller DR

Case Date:

There is standing water in the front yards of both 1249 & 1251 E. Miller Drive. There is a small stream that now runs between 1249 & 1251. She is afraid that with all this standing water, that the crawlspaces will be flooded, if they already aren't. This subdivision is called Highland Gardens and has had problems in the past with drainage.

closed #117565

Sidewalk Snow Removal

609 E Miller DR

Case Date:

Kevin Spicer built duplexes at 609 (A/B) & 611 (A/B) E. Miller Drive approx. 2 years ago. Miller sets higher than Moody Avenue. The design was to have the water divert around Nelson's property. Her backyard has flooded since the bldgs have been put in, last night her basement flooded. She realizes we had a big rain but her backyard continues to flood every time it rains. Can someone check the plans to see what the design was for this development.

closed #28350

Unsafe Buildings

607 E Miller DR

Case Date:

Treas called roof being replaced and water leaked in over night during rain storm, ceilings falling in, electrical fixtures full of water. F/D called

closed #62190

Water Quality

1508 S Maxwell ST

Case Date:

Custtomer says water has a metallic taste.

closed #116456

Water Quality

1905 S Maxwell ST

Case Date:

Water has bad taste.

closed #45113

Water Utility Billing Problems

1700 S Maxwell ST

Case Date:

Mr. Yost stated that he requested that water be turned off in October 2001; however, he received and paid bills for next five months. He is requesting that he be refunded the amount of these payments ($59.20).