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closed #172059

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2638 E Dekist ST

Case Date:

Third year in a row (2/8/2018 # 163027, 2/8/2019 #167355), when the fatberg grows just downstream from me, the city delivers hundreds of gallons of sewage into my basement. This year was a new high water: 6-7 inches. It is sewer, not my house backing up... It is because of a flaw in the connections just downstream from me. The city has closed the previous reports as "Resolved" without my consent. This is obviously not resolved. I'd much rather have Bloomington spend money on fixing this, rather than attorney fees, but without quick resolution, this year, I will proceed.

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Drainage or Runoff

9030 E Raymond St, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46239

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The home we bought 2 years ago has flood damage and serious drainage issue that I can't not get under control. There is stormwater runoff that has been coming from (5) different neighboring properties and especially the one huge lot at 2130 Shan Crest Hill 46239. When there is a rainstorm not only does or crawl space completely fill up but our yard on the South, East, and west sides become quickly flooded like a lake. there is a 12" culvert drain pipe that runs east to west on the South side that run right next to the road Raymond Street that should be able to accept my neighbors & our ground water but the 12" easement drain pipe is roughly 13" higher win elevation than the area in the rear of my home where all of their ground water collects so it just fills up and resides under our homes foundation. My wife and I have tried everything bought and burnt out several 1, 2. and 3 HP water pumps with no luck. there is just way, WAY to much water. We are becoming very worried about the possibility's of permanent foundation damage, mold, and our home becoming condemned. Every contractor at least (9) or (10) decline getting involved engineers as well. we are at the end of our rope sorta speak.... I Just had a survey done along with a TOPO survey as well , I can send both to you if it would help. Please any help at all would be greatly appreciated... Thank you Scott, Sharon, & Karmavon Herzog 9036 East Raymond Street Indianapolis IN 46239 317-494-0574

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Drainage or Runoff

Bloomington City Hall

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Bloomington seal coat paving does lots of driveways in my neighborhood. They make an asphalt ramp to the street that totally fills in the gutter. Is this allowed? It pushes the water out into traffic.

closed #172699

Drainage or Runoff

3479 E Covenanter DR

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There's a run off in our back yard the pools up with water whenever it rains and it typically takes days for the water to subside. We have deer and ducks that often stop by to take a dip in our back yard :-) This standing water concerns me for mosquitos and others pests. Additionally, the sitting water has started to erode the dirt around the concrete to the point to where I can no longer mow around the area. To the best of my knowledge this is not our property and I wonder if the city maintains these run offs. Is this something that the city can take care of? Thank you for your time.

closed #172737

Drainage or Runoff

8975 Mariabo Cir, Minneapolis, MN 55438, USA

Case Date:

There is not an issue at my house. However on Veness Road right before Bush Lake Road, water has been running on the road for well over 2 months. It is a very slow run off, but is definitely coming from the right land of Veness Road. About a month ago there was a major water leak on Veness just before Bloomington Ferry. That was fixed. This one has been leaking since early Spring. Thought I should let you know.

closed #172921

Drainage or Runoff

1432 S Winfield RD

Case Date:

Water flooding from main to street

closed #173252


3952 N Rosewood CT

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the water came up to my foundation again.. Last year I was awarded a grant from the city and as you can see that has not worked. I am inches from the water from cascades flooding my basement. Im sorry for second emailing but I did not realize how th system worked. thank you.

closed #173567

Drainage or Runoff

521 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

There is an excessive amount of water flowing down South Fess down the street from my house. It has been flowing for at least 15 min now and appears to look like sewer water. It has not rained so it does not appear to be a result of that.

closed #174408

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Other: From E. 3rd street entrance to Park Ridge addition, there is a significant slope of the street to the west side creating pooling of rainwater and debris. The continued presence of water/mud/debris has caused breakdown and potholes in the pavement. These potholes are "patched" periodically, but quickly erode again due to the inadequate drainage system. The nearest storm drain is approx. 1/2 block north on the east side of the street -the slope of the road on the opposite side of the storm drain. I have added pictures to show the issues directly in front of my house, however, the same conditions exist along the entire block. From my understanding, the road was to be resurfaced this past summer. I have concerns if the street drainage issue is not addressed prior to this, there will be continued problems. There is to be a new city bus route beginning soon which will have the buses traveling this portion of the road several times a day and will most likely factor in to creating more problems with the pavement. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

closed #174829

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Water is gushing down Mitchell this morning--given the falling snow, I couldn't see the source but it was a few inches deep and starting to extend to Mitchell and 2nd St.