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Water Quality

105 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Water coming out of the tap sometimes "brownish." On and off during the last couple of months. When it happens we don't drink it, but it has ruined a white sweater in the washing machine. What should we do?

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Water Utility Problems

125 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Loss of water supply pressure to the entire property. Water supply is present, but reduced to about 5% of normal pressure

closed #178908

Water Quality

135 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Water coming through faucets and toilet fills is very dark copper colored.

closed #177504

Water Quality

155 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Our tap water has a strong smell and taste of mildew. I don't know about water safety, but at this point we can't even use it for cooking, brushing our teeth, or making coffee, let alone drink it.

closed #165139

Water Quality

155 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Our water has been yellow on several occasions and is now coming out of the faucet orange. We are unable to use this water for bathing, drinking, cooking, or laundry and we would like the issue to be addressed as soon as possible. We need to have clean, usable water in our home.

closed #158285

Drainage or Runoff

170 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Hi, The stormwater drains in this neighborhood are no longer able to process light rain. Since the Echo Park subdivision was built, we have noticed an increase in the amount of water collecting near the drains. Historically, the drains have not processed the stormwater quickly enough so the water pools in the street causing traffic and parking disruption. We would like to find a solution to this stormwater and runoff issue. Thanks, Gavin Kelly