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closed #150052

Biking & Walking

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Water fountain broken

closed #150919

Parks & Playgrounds

4010-4524 East Stone Mill Road

Case Date:

The largest section in Ferguson dog park has many puddles that fill in when it rains, one of which is almost always full and is very deep. The puddles get very muddy, and when the water is turned off for winter, there is no way to prevent dogs from getting in the puddle and then no way to clean them off. It would be beneficial, I believe, to fill in these holes with dirt of gravel so this would no longer be an issue. Thanks for considering!

closed #152710

Parks & Playgrounds

351 S Washington ST

Case Date:

The water fountain at third street park is not draining. Also, some of the railings around the decorative fountain are loose at their bases.

closed #153481

Parks & Playgrounds

2855 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

The water fountain by the bathrooms at lower Cascades is leaking from inside the water fountain. It's a pretty good flow.

closed #153533

Parks & Playgrounds


Case Date:

Water fountain near tennis courts is off please turn on

closed #154974


Jackson Creek Trl

Case Date:

Water and mud and moss is accumulating on the path between Olcott park and Sherwood oaks park to the east of the red bridge over Jackson creek. Makes it hard to use and it is dangerous because it is slippery.

closed #155982

Parks & Playgrounds

4426 E Cambridge CT

Case Date:

The water fountain at Park Ridge East Park is continuously running.

closed #158650

Parks & Playgrounds

2050-2498 North Kinser Pike

Case Date:

The water fountain does not function.

closed #161257

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

Water fountain stays on after use. Drain is leaking too.

closed #164648

Parks & Playgrounds

Case Date:

Water fountain near NE corner of Showers Bldg has not been turned on this year. Additionally, the fountain near the flag pole hasn't worked for years. Water is important for people (and dogs) doing their bit for health and public engagement. If we can't have water, announce a policy and remove the fountains.