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Sidewalk Requests

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I live at 1009 S. Lincoln St., and running in a perpendicular line to the street from our water access, at the house edge of the sidewalk, there's a big hole. It seems to go below the sidewalk a little. I'm not sure if I should just fill it in, or if it is indicative of a larger problem that should be addressed. I'd love a little guidance from the experts! Thanks!

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Sidewalk Requests

821 N Blair AVE

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We have a sidewalk already, but I have a question about modifying it. We are considering having some drainage work done on our property and would like a drain/grate through the sidewalk to help with water draining. We've seen some in the sidewalks along Blair Ave. and were curious about how to have one installed. If this is not under your area, would you please pass along this email to the appropriate person or committee. Thank you for your time!

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Sidewalk Requests

1101 S Henderson ST

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Owner has set up a drain from the basement of this house that dumps directly on the sidewalk in front of the house. The sidewalk has been a muddy mess of standing water and a fall hazard ever since. Is this a violation of city code? It seems like it would break down the side walk over time and ,again, be a fall hazard due to the muddy mess.

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Sidewalk Requests

200 East 2nd Street

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two sections of the sidewalk are sloped together so that water pools immediately after a rain. It is a heavily walked sidewalk and the puddle is definitely an inconvenience. I'm considering work on my driveway; can I/should I have the contractor improve the situation? Do I need city approval?

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Sidewalk Requests

801 N Lincoln ST

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Sidewalk repair desperately needed. Water accumulates in a small lake on what once was a sidewalk.