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Street Snow Removal

2713 E Rock Creek CT

Case Date:

This is my second year reporting this issue. My family purchased this home on a cul-de-sac 4 years ago. Last year we removed our mailbox and installed a retaining wall because of already existing poor driaining issues in our area and the city keeps piling snow on top of our property and now the wall. I called Sunday evening and the woman I spoke with said, "cul-de-sacs" were tricky and the guys were out there long hours and were working in bad conditions while being exhausted. But she would be sure to give Joe my address and he would look into my complaints." I called Sunday because the had packed up a huge amount once again on our wall and blocked off half of my driveway. I was then told if we could get in and out of our driveway this should not be an issue or an emergency. Understandable but if the job was successfully completed then first time you would not have to come back. I woke up Monday not surprised to see even more snow had been packed up to our ever growing pile. So my issues are where is all this water going? There is no drainage in this area and all this snow will cause hazardous conditions with melting and freezing and having nowhere to go. Why are you bringing all of the snow into our cul-de-sac? Why are you continuously putting snow on a stone wall where someone could get injured after I have now reported it three times? There are a ton of kids in our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods and kids like to jump in big piles of snow. I will not be held liable because the city of Bloomington will not listen to or work with its residents. Finally when you contact the city of Bloomington instead of working with you why do they always seem to retaliate against you and make the situation worse? This is what happened last year when the plow driver asked me how I suggested he plow with my "plow experience." I have many other picture but this shows the pile today and how large it is and how spread out the city left. If it snows anymore my neighbors might not be able to back out of their driveway. Is this acceptable??

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Water Utility Problems

2728 E Spicewood LN

Case Date:

Water pressure has dropped to less than 1/2 normal.

closed #170197

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2737 E Brigs BND

Case Date:

There is a rainwater drainage ditch and large drain between our yard and our neighbors. During the last few heavy rainstorms, the drain at the end of the ditch stopped draining water, resulting in flooding our yard as well as our neighbors to the south and east. The flooding was at least 3-4 feet deep and spilled into the swale at the side of our house, coming close to our basement windows. We do not know if the drain was backed up, clogged with debris or what happened. However, upon checking the drain today with a landscaper, the drain is filled with water almost to the top....and we have not had recent heavy rain in the last few days. Could someone come to check the drain to see if it needs to be opened / cleaned out or if there is some sort of shut-off valve inside that is not operating and allowing water to drain? I am concerned if we get another heavy downpour that water already standing in this drain will result in major flooding again. We have called the street department about this issue twice, and I understand there is some history with drainage problems in this area of Hyde Park.

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Water Utility Problems

2771 E Ciana CT

Case Date:

Received notification that water pressure would be reduced on Friday, 11/2, 10a-2p due to intersection work at E Rhorer/S Walnut Pike. Water pressure is worse today (Saturday 11/3) and no one is working at the intersection.

closed #167324

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2821 E Tapps TURN

Case Date:

My Name is Josh Goodman and I live at 2821 E Tapps Turn, 47401. My gutters drain into an underground drain tile system (pvc pipe) and, as best as I can tell, this system drains east to west, runs under my backyard, and then hooks into the storm sewer (somewhere underground) on the east side of Sare Rd just north of where Buttonwood Rd intersects Sare Rd. I've been having issues for a while with the system backing up causing water to bubble out of the drain tile and down into the ground right next to the house. This tends to only happen during medium to heavy downpours. I had Roto Rooter come out with their pressurized water snake and camera and we cleaned out the entire system up until the point where it enters the storm sewer, but the issue still persists. There was a little bit of debris (leaves, etc.) but nothing that would cause the issue I'm seeing. Would it be possible for someone in the Utility Department to come out to my property to take a look to see if there is anything that can be done on the City's side to remedy this issue? I can be reached at 812-671-0049. Thanks, Josh

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2832 S Atlee ST

Case Date:

Thanks to the City’s recent quick action of cutting City’s dead tree in front of our house, now it looks much better. Here we just want to give City some advise in choosing the new tree plant location. It seems to us that the dead tree stump must be removed completely in order to replace a new one in the spot, due to the underground gas and water pipelines heavily laid around the tree stump, which makes it very difficult for you to chose another new plant location. We learnt this from the opposite newly house built situation. There were so many red flags around the dead tree stump. So in order to prevent from touching those gas line and cause the gas explosion, City must do it very carefully . Thank you very much for your prompt attention.

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Water Utility Problems

3000 E Daniel ST

Case Date:

Water is out at 3000 E Daniel st. Near Hyde park.

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

317 E University ST

Case Date:

Our shower has flooded with water and fecal matter twice in the past two days.

closed #169949

Water Quality

3220 S Southern Oaks CT

Case Date:

The water tastes like they are using too much chlorine to treat it. What’s going on?

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Water Utility Problems

3409 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

The last time my water meter was read, the lid didn't latch when the reader returned it. Now that spring is here, I'm a bit worried it could be a tripping hazard if a kid stepped on it. 3409 S McDougal Ct Bloomington, IN 47403 Work order sent out 4/1/19 to secure meter lid