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closed #167797

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

422 E Allen ST

Case Date:

At the corner of Allen and Palmer the rain has created a gully that is below the storm sewer. The water continues around the corner and south (downhill) on Palmer creating a strong washout of the asphalt. The storm sewer at the bottom of the hill in front of 1005 S Palmer collects chunks of asphalt and the gully gets wider with every rain event

closed #169547

Water Utility Problems

4251 S Mallard CT

Case Date:

Extremely low water pressure in my home.

closed #170363

Water Utility Problems

430 E Dodds ST

Case Date:

We have no water in our home.

closed #169265

Drainage or Runoff

4413 E Bill Mallory BLVD

Case Date:

Water leaking at high rate around the house located at 4413 Bill Mallory bd into the water storm drain

closed #168899

Potholes, Other Street Repair

4510 S Orchard LN

Case Date:

4ft. by 3ft. pothole; standing water; breeding ground as well as traffic hazard

closed #171174

Water Utility Billing Problems

4634 E Falls Creek DR

Case Date:

My water Utilization is up by a factor of 4 from past months. There is nothing that we are doing to dramatically increase water use. Either past or current metering is in error or there is some kind of major unknown usage.

closed #170386

Water Utility Problems

4712 S College DR

Case Date:

No water

closed #170385

Water Utility Problems

4800 S Old State Road 37

Case Date:

There is no water at our home at this time. 4720 So Old St Rd 37

closed #170703

Water Utility Problems

504 E Dixie ST

Case Date:

I live at 505 E Dixie St and we are without water this morning. Any idea when water service will be restored?

closed #169650

Potholes, Other Street Repair

521 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

We have a drive/eyebrow off Winslow Farm Dr. Would like for city to repair the potholes/low places that hold water where the two roads meet, the drive through and Winslow Farm Dr. These places keep holding water and getting deeper.