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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

806 S Stull AVE

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A number of neighbors on our street have noticed the storm drains at 806 & 809 S. Stull appear to be clogged. We can see the stagnant water through the grate and it is above the culvert pipe and is just standing there. Please see attached photo. We are concerned about mosquito breeding and drain overflow into the street during heavy rain. Please send someone out to fix the situation. Many Thanks!

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

101-319 South Woodlawn Avenue

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At the southeast corner of 3rd and Woodlawn there is a large pothole that makes it hard to cross at the pedestrian crosswalk. Also, it fills up with water when it rains.

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Parks & Rec Programs

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I'd like to invite one of my friends to one of the classes: Utilizing Water in the Landscape, but there is no way to share the course description with him! Ordinarily I would cut and paste the description from a .pdf, but the format the Summer 2013 Program Guide is in doesn't let me do that. I'm not going to send him the whole thing --- that's way too much information. Please let me know if there is some way I can just cut and paste one of the course descriptions. Thanks for your help!

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

1201 E Benson CT

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I have called several times over the last 3 years to report a dangerous curb on our street corner. Last summer a young child was injured when they hit the broken curb and fell. Please take care of this soon. The standing water each winter makes it more and more of a hazard as the cement freezes and thaws constantly there. Perhaps you could eliminate the standing water and prevent another deteriorated curb situation in the future. Your quick response would very much be appreciated. Thank you.

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Parks & Rec Programs

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Hi, there. Not sure who to send this to, so I'm hoping you can forward it on. First, I recently came across this idea of closing streets (temporarily) to allow kids to play. I think it would be amazing to see something like this in Bloomington. http://www.reading.gov.uk/residents/community-and-living/play-streets/ Secondly, I took my three year old to Touch a Truck this year. What a wonderful event! We had a blast. He has been every year of his life, but this was the first time I was able to go with him. I wanted to give my feedback about the amount of candy at the event. It seems like it was everywhere and several other moms I talked to were really upset about it (especially since a lot of it was hard candy or really chewy stuff that can be a choking hazard for very young children). I think the trucks are the main event and the kids are so excited to see them. Adding candy to the mix just complicates things unnecessarily. Personally, I was really surprised to see the giant colors of fruit drinks (which I assume were donated by Pepsi). It was SO hot outside. I had forgotten our water bottles and really would have loved a drink of cold water. Our kids don't drink fruit drinks, so we just waited until we left and got water bottles elsewhere. But I would hope that Parks & Rec is all about encouraging healthy bodies, right? Maybe Pepsi could bring some water next year. Thanks.

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Water Quality

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I'm helping a person with a sick fish online in the forum on my website, and we're trying to evaluate the quality of water. I've looked at the water reports, and although I see carbon, which obviously indicates alkalinity, there's no mention of calcium, magnesium or no mention of pH. Can you help us? Thanks so much.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

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Can you tell me when 8th Street west of Adams will be patched or repaved? CBU finished replacing a water line weeks ago and coming and going is a jarring experience, especially treacherous by bicycle.

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Two white males were observed using chalk to write ideological/hate graffiti on the sidewalk in from of Merrill Hall on the IU campus at around noon on Saturday July 13, 2013. The messages included obscene language and were directed at feminists, modernists, and homosexuals. Each message ended withe the URL TRADYOUTH.ORG. I was seated nearby as the vandalism took place and took two photographs as they were writing, but I can't upload the photos using this mobile site. After they left my husband and I used water to obliterate the obscene portions of the messages. Is someone can send me an email address I will forward rhe photos.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

7030 South Shields Ridge Road

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Road destroyed for months by construction of water line. Who do we send the bill to for wheel bearings and alignments?

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I live on the east side of town and frequently drive through the Hillside Drive roundabout. There is an irrigation system around the roundabout which seems like a terrible waste of money and water by the city. This is particularly true when the sprinklers are working despite the ample rain of the last few months. Also, if you drive through the roundabout around 8pm you will notice that the sprinklers in the north east corner of the roundabout spray out over the traffic lane which is an additional waste of water all to keep a little bit of grass green. I think the city should have landscaped this and all other roundabouts using native and drought tolerant plants and little if any grass so that money and water are not wasted keeping the area green.