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Water Quality

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just wondered why the water tastes a little weird the past few days.

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I'm hoping this is the right place for this comment. I have a complaint about the Taste of Bloomington...if this isn't the right place, please tell me. anyway, the problem stems from the public hand washing stations located by the Port A Jons. I used the restroom, walked over to one of the stations to wash my hands. Soaped my hands up and proceeeded to wash the soap off. There was no water. At none of the stations...I was stuck with soap all over my hands. I had nothing to wipe my hands on except my shirt. which then left an ugly and embarrassing design. I was not happy. And later on, when I bought more food, (a Jankos ribeye sandwich), it tasted like soap. Not pleasant. If you're going to have a hand washing station, either make sure there's an ample supply of water, or use straight hand sanitizer that requires no water.

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

2321 S Montclair AVE

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Crews have patched potholes on Montclair Ave within the last few weeks, but they missed an area that is on the edge of the roadway, next to the curb, near the southeast corner of Montclair, right near the intersection with Rock Creek. There are several holes that fill with water after a storm, leaving standing water that will encourage mosquito breeding. Please come back and fix this spot. Thanks, John

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

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On Weimer Road near the intersection with Bloomfield Road, there is a large area where pavement was removed due to water line repair over one week ago, which has not been resurfaced. This creates a danger at this difficult part of Weimer Road because drivers try to avoid this hole by driving on the other side of the road, which could result in a head on collision. Please repair this area immediately.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

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Hello, My name is Samantha Schiffman. I used to live t 418 e. 8th street. I have called 7 times all during operating hours to try to shut off my water/ transfer payments to sheree Demming properties. I needed to transfer them beginning August 1st and have been calling since the 30th. Please get back to me letting me know services have been terminated/ transferred. Thank you. Samantha Schiffman

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Drainage or Runoff

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The fire hydrant on Jordan, between the Delta Gamma house and the parking garage has been open, pouring water into the street all weekend and is still doing so. This is a gross waste of the city's clean water.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

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Where do I find the form to stop water service?!

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Parks & Playgrounds

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At the Ferguson Dog Park there is a large puddle the size of a large bathtub located near the shade shelter. At the moment it is full of green water, after a week or so it becomes a mud wallow with mud the consistency of glue. This feature never dries out and remains a continuing dog magnet. Even with the hose it is not easy to clean them up after they roll in it. A pickup load of gravel or wood chips would be greatly appreciated by many dog owners. Thanks(it is a great park for the dogs!)

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Traffic Related Complaints

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We have contacted the street department 4 times now on this prob. At the end of Tudor lane and aloe dale there is a sink hole in the road that constantly has red clay wet mud approximately 4 feet in diameter around it. Red clay water runs almost a block downhill. The hole has been patched but eons up again. It is not a pot hole but is caving in. We as a neighborhood have to either pull out into the opposite lane of traffic or go through red wet mud. Please direct my email to appropriate person. I had notified u earlier this summer and they said they would send a supervisor out. This is probably 4-5 month on going. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Parks & Playgrounds

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To whom it may concern: I was dismayed to read in this morning's hotline that roundup is used in our parks and around our trails. Yes, this is the roundup civilians can buy in stores; however, that does not mean it is safe. I thought Bloomington was a progressive place on the cutting edge of environmental concerns - apparently not. Any amount of poison applied to our earth is dangerous to people and animals, among others. And when we have rains, the roundup runs off into our water systems. Look at all of the drains on streets which sport little stickers saying don't put any hazardous materials down the drains. Well, you are. Let's think about the big picture. What is more important - having a safe environment in which we can be on the grass, drink safe water, etc. or getting rid of a few weeds, which, by the way, are also part of our creation. I know there are invasive weeds, but surely there are safer ways to eradicate them than by spraying them with poison that is hazardous to everything. You say you have professionals applying these poisons - I don't believe that makes the substance any safer. I hope you will consult various organic farmers and landscapers in the area for advice before applying any more roundup. Thank you. Anne Fraker