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open #181091

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

Water is coming up out of the street at the North East corner of Rogers and Graham.

closed #181076

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2907 S Stratford DR

Case Date:

This guy leaves his 2 dogs tied up out in the yard ALL the time. They get tangled up together and choke each other. They are without water. I was told that after multiple complaints, Animal Control went there, but nothing was resolved. The people who own the home bought it for their son to live in. They have PLENTY of money to put in a fence, and should be told to do so. These dogs are outside barking all night. PLEASE do something! Thank you!

closed #181030

Utilities Yardwork

Case Date:

Last summer a pipe broke behind my trailer and it was a few days before the city could get it fixed. This ended up making my foundation fall, floors rot, and other water damage issues that are now coming to light. I have had a contractor come in and look. He states that it was due to the flooding the broken pipe caused that the city too so long to fix. I would like someone to contact me regarding this issue. I have more pictures.

closed #181010

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Looks like water is coming out of a water supply cover on the ground across the street from my house, draining into the street.

open #180985

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

Case Date:

I live at the corner of 16th and Hancock . I have two points to address. the first, is thtat I talked with an individual last year involved with storm water just after the culvert at my corner had been replaced, and advised this had been a missed opportunity to upsize this culvert, and that I had witnessed overflow of the corner culvert in a number of storms. this past tuesday, August 9, 2022, we had about an hour of rain. Included are pictures of the overflow that lasted about 45 minutes after rain had ceased. My street has recently been repaved and i thought , perhaps a remedy might be included in this process, however, no. Additionally, thegravel shoulder that has been added to finalize this new repaving process has stopped short of my property, and the new asphalt topping was not tapered onto my asphalt driveway, even though they primed a sweep into my drive, indicating to me that bonding a transition had probaly originally been intended. Now i have a bump approaching the street that is collecting gravel from these overwash events. the North side of 16th between Monroe and Hancock has not had a gravel shoulder appliction. Is ther more work scheduled to complete the gravel shoulder. Please view the pictures included. thanks, bill Goodhew PS I have two more pictures, but this report format does not allow me to load more than one. Happy to send them to someones phone

open #180963

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

Case Date:

Smells of Septic sewage waste and dirty water coming from this home area. The odor is intoxicating and unbearable. People and students from school walk thru this dirt area. Unsanitary. Specially during this hot summer season.

closed #180943


2427 E Oakmont DR

Case Date:

The sidewalk is broken near the corner. The part that's broken is next to a "water" line. The sidewalk could be a problem for pedestrians, especially if they may have a visual disability or be wheelchair-bound. It may also be a problem for the waterline. Thank you for your help.

open #180941

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1503 S Dorchester DR

Case Date:

8" water valve cover popped off at Hillside & Dorchester. Eastbound lane of Hillside. Cover at base of stopsign/streetsign SE corner of intersection. This is the 3rd time I've reported this in just over a week (1st 2x's by phone). Why don't you replace with a cover that can be LOCKED DOWN to keep it in place?

closed #180920

Parks & Rec Buildings

1020 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

Lifeguard on duty lacks much focus on swimmers in the pool. For example, she has been thoroughly engrossed in her water bottle for the last 15 minutes: taking off the lid, gazing inside it, drinking from it, gazing inside it again, staring at the lid, taking another drink, etc. Fortunately, most lifeguards at Bryan Park pool are very attentive to their safety responsibilities.

closed #180913

Water Utility Billing Problems

3501 N Kinser PIKE

Case Date:

My water will doubled, but I did not increase my usage significantly. Could I have my meter evaluated?