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closed #135205

Utilities Construction

2231 S Fairmount CT

Case Date:

water running out of her yard, down sidewalk to sewer drain.

closed #133758

Utilities Construction

6000 S Handy RD

Case Date:

Received voice message from James Eller, owner and resident of 6000 S. Handy Rd. Mr. Eller alleges that settlement occurred to his yard as a result of CBU's water transmission main project.

closed #135139

Utilities Construction

700 E Winslow Farm DR

Case Date:

says her HOA is planning to remove a retention pond behind her house and install a water garden, she does not want this to happen.

closed #135441

Utilities Construction

936 S Brumley CT

Case Date:

Customer doesnt like where new water pit was installed. Wants supervisor to call her and explain why?