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Blocked Sidewalk

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Sidewalk on south side of W 17th just east of tri north construction entrance covered with mud again. I can't overemphasize that the sidewalk itself is serving as a culvert to drain several acres and this problem will not go away on its own when the construction crews leave. I'll try to remember to come out here with a ruler when it rains next week to record the depth of the creek. Kids will be using this sidewalk to walk to school even on rainy days and their shoes should not be completely submerged!! We are going to look into this today (5/17). We believe that a soil stockpile and a storm drain with inlet protection is not allowing water to flow into the storm drain. We are going to investigate again and see if we can identify the exact issue.

closed #179165

Water Utility Problems

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just in case you don't already know...7th street just east of morton is wet 100% of the time for about a month now. probable water line leak. photo was last night. from where the ice ridge was a couple weeks ago, i suspect its in the center of the south (eastbound) lane about a third of the way up the hill towards college. roughly at 214 w 7th. thanks!!

closed #170361

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

broken water line

closed #172527


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Question: when do you exoect to turn on water fountains along the B? Thank you.

closed #173070

Blocked Sidewalk

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These barriers at co live 14th &college are supposed to be water filled. They just have an inch of rainwater.

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Graffiti on West side of the Headley RD bridge just South of the Lake Griffy Boathouse (3400 N Headley RD). It should be a simple fix. The graffiti is more visible from the water than the bridge.

closed #164648

Parks & Playgrounds

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Water fountain near NE corner of Showers Bldg has not been turned on this year. Additionally, the fountain near the flag pole hasn't worked for years. Water is important for people (and dogs) doing their bit for health and public engagement. If we can't have water, announce a policy and remove the fountains.

closed #165045

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

water leak showing on driveway and road at 5105 s rogers

closed #165234

Potholes, Other Street Repair

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Road and sidewalk need to be repair after water line problem

closed #166390

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

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The sidewalks on the west side of rogers just south of Bloomington Iron & Metal (about 9th street) flood when it rains. A stream flows out of BIM at the south side of their driveway, across the driveway cut for the gym, and then across both driveway cuts for the big one world parking lot. When it is raining hard, there is no way to traverse the gym driveway without standing in 3+ inches of water. Did you know BIM is a superfund site?