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Sidewalk Snow Removal

609 E Miller DR

Case Date:

Kevin Spicer built duplexes at 609 (A/B) & 611 (A/B) E. Miller Drive approx. 2 years ago. Miller sets higher than Moody Avenue. The design was to have the water divert around Nelson's property. Her backyard has flooded since the bldgs have been put in, last night her basement flooded. She realizes we had a big rain but her backyard continues to flood every time it rains. Can someone check the plans to see what the design was for this development.

closed #68247

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

716 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

Mrs. Taylor stated that the rain water drains across the road and floods the properties around 700-716 E hillside. The problem started after road work was finished.

closed #70788

Sidewalk Snow Removal

716 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

Water runs off from Templeton School property & Park Ave. Runs through citizen's property, erodes driveway & yard, floods basement. Drainage ditch/outlet to west of citizen is badly clogged and overgrown. Drainage ditch across Hillside to north of citizen needs to be re-dug. Per John Freeman: Engineering to check out & assign Street to do. Julio has been out to look at area and talk to citizen.

closed #71289

Sidewalk Snow Removal

716 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

Water is runing onto property and ponding due to grading work done when the new Templeton School was built. Mr. Hatton was in today to tell us of a drainage problem at his address. He says the drainage problem has resulted from the regrading done when the new Templeton School was built.

closed #50789

Water Utility Problems

804 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

Water bubbling up by water meter.

closed #71982


820 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

APT.S @ 820 E. Hillside allow parking in the ROW. This is causing a line of sight problem. It is dangerous to pull out. Also, there is a drainage problem on the far west side of this property. Water runs right down the hill to my yard.