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closed #177490

Water Quality

401 S Washington ST

Case Date:

Water smells like dirt. Literally like soil. It’s been this way for at least a week, and nothing has made it better. I’ve tried bleach in the drains, thinking it was the pipes.

closed #172035

Water Quality

402 S Jordan AVE

Case Date:

Water running brown from al faucets in home. Have been calling the city for several hours and unable to reach anyone.

closed #126989


409 S Swain AVE

Case Date:

standing water in back yard

closed #127622

Water Utility Problems

416 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

412 S Lincoln St. Someone has driven over the water meter adjacent to public alley.

closed #179706

Drainage or Runoff

419 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

water draining into alley and into sidewalk area created pools.

closed #153577

Utilities Yardwork

510 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

Drunken college students (I bet you wish you had a dollar for every time one of these started that way) pulled a pipe out of the ground from down the block and threw it in my yard during little 5. I know where they pulled it from since I used to pass it on my way to work. It is vertical and has orange spray paint on it and I'm assuming it was used to mark water lines or other utility info under ground.

closed #173567

Drainage or Runoff

521 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

There is an excessive amount of water flowing down South Fess down the street from my house. It has been flowing for at least 15 min now and appears to look like sewer water. It has not rained so it does not appear to be a result of that.

closed #176355

Drainage or Runoff

526 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

The storm drains have been very clogged on the 500 block of south Woodlawn well before the cicadas and excessive rainfall. These need to be cleared to prevent cars from hydroplaning in standing water and “sidewalk tsunamis” that hit pedestrians when a car passes. Thank you.

closed #178413

Potholes, Other Street Repair

609 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

The alley running along 609 Henderson between Henderson & Fess has multiple large potholes in the gravel that are pooling water & hard to avoid

closed #178617

Potholes, Other Street Repair

609 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Alley way running along the covered parking edge between Henderson and Fess Ave running along the side of 609 Henderson and 612 S Fess Ave- large potholes throughout the alley pooling water