City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #170047

Parks & Playgrounds

1621 S Sycamore CT

Case Date:

The drinking fountain by the playground in Southeast park seems not to drain properly - all the water pours out underneath the bowl.

closed #170779

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1627-1723 S High St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

Potholes and deep cracks on southbound side of High Street between Hillside and Arden. It is critical for bicycle riders to stay to the far right as they ride south because of the blind hill; however, the potholes and cracks at the edge of the lane prevent this. Also please note the large crack/gap in asphalt near the water drain. The entire southbound lane could use resurfacing.

closed #167366

Drainage or Runoff

1676 S Olive ST

Case Date:

There is no drainage system on Olive street just south of Hillside. Additionally, Ridgemont Ct runoff gathers here as well. Cars try to drive through wich causes waves to sending more water into the effected houses. 18" in the street. Years of neighbors and past residents call for help have garnered no response from the city.

closed #168322

Water Utility Problems

1705 S Williams CT

Case Date:

Water main break at 1707 S Williams Court- mini river gushing in street

closed #167617

Water Utility Problems

1706 S Oxford DR

Case Date:

water is not coming out of the tap

closed #168420

Water Utility Problems

1708 E Windsor DR

Case Date:

Leak at water meter in front yard

closed #166469

Water Utility Problems

1709 W 8th ST

Case Date:

Water barely running 47401 1709 w 8th st

closed #170987

Water Utility Problems

1711 E Windsor DR

Case Date:

Water is bubbling up from the side of the road.

closed #171249

Water Utility Billing Problems

1718 E Thornton DR

Case Date:

my bill's water usage appears to be double my normal amount. Steven Wallace 1718 e. Thornton dr

closed #167286

Water Utility Problems

1719 E Windsor DR

Case Date:

fire hydrant is leaking. It's in the yard at 1719 Windsor. There also is a lot of ice in the ditch from a water main leak?