City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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Water Utility Problems

420 E Brownstone DR

Case Date:

Recd. letter from Jessica Schulman on 10/5 re. large consumption of water in June 2000 and $200.00 bill received. Referred to Customer Service for investigation.

closed #53157

Sidewalk Snow Removal

531 S Westwood DR

Case Date:

Rec'd. letter from Ann Robinson complaining that rain water stands on parking lot of Highland Village Park causing patrons to step over curbs and that standing water blocks disabled persons' entry into the park. Neighborhood Assn. requests that Utilities Department install a small drain at end of parking and small drainage at large basin on end of Harvey Drive.

closed #61849

Water Utility Billing Problems


Case Date:

Mr. Leeds wrote and letter was received on 9/8/98. He stated he received phone call from CBU stating that his water was to be disconnected due to non-payment. He came to CBU within an hour and paid his bill. On 9/1/98, he returned home and discovered that his water was disconnected. When he contacted CBU, he was told that he paid the "wrong" bill and that his payment was not applied to the delinquent amount. He stated he was made to feel that he was wrong and CBU was unforgiving.

closed #63177

Sidewalk Snow Removal

300 E 3RD ST

Case Date:

See attached letter. Leonard's Home Dry Cleaners is flooding every time there is a big rain. They feel that the flooding has resulted from the inability of the city's storm sewers to handle water running down Third Street from the IU campus.

closed #64436

Temporary Signage w/o permit

1603 E 3rd ST

Case Date:

Ms. Erskine came in to pay her bill and left a letter stating that she felt a sign should be on the Service Control Center identifying this department as the water co. (or utilities co.).

closed #65067

Water Utility Billing Problems

603 W Wylie ST

Case Date:

Confusion regarding the Stecker's water bill has caused them distress and concern. Please clear up the situation. See letter.