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Water Utility Problems

5457 W Stonewood DR

Case Date:

No water pressure throughout house including sinks, showers, toilets

closed #174638

Water Utility Problems

803 N Monroe ST

Case Date:

low to no water pressure. This is the third time there has been an issue with this in the past couple of months.

closed #174541

Debris Removal

1908 E Viva DR

Case Date:

As a neighborhood, we are requesting that the drain pipes (driveway culverts) be cleaned out so storm water has a place to drain.

closed #174539

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

120 Lexington Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

There apparently is a blockage in my sewer drainage pipe to the main sewer line on N Lexington Drive. Waste water is backed up from the sewer main to my house. I have an inspection port in my drain about 3 ft from the edge of the street and the waste water fills the drain pipe about 3 ft from the street, or about 10 feet from the city sewer line. Problem started ca.3:30 pm yesterday (Monday) afternoon.

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

131 N Clark ST

Case Date:

The storm water drain located at the front of the house is flooding. I have cleaned the area, however its an issue in heavy rains. I have reported this issue previously as well. Appreciate if someone can come out and address the issue since its the only drain along the street. The drain is on the left side of the driveway. Thanks

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Blocked Street

Case Date:

street drain in front of 1309 South Lincoln is completely blocked and has been for Years..literally.. I could post a photo but don't know where to send it..A few years ago I reported this and the Department said they didn't see a problem.. THe water backs up over the sidewalk.. Obviously there is a problem..The puddle is about 40 feet wide and out into the street almost to the center

closed #174324

Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

Our water completely stopped working and the bill has been paid. Haven’t received a call back.

closed #174305


897 S Baldwin DR

Case Date:

A landscape crew repairing the lawn area that was disturbed from an accident last week noticed a leak that was caused by the vehicle. The vehicle apparently had driven over the meter pit. The pit was filled with water, and the City of Bloomington meter was leaking. Nature’s Way staff was able to turn the water connection to that meter off. They recommended we contact COB so that they can address installing a new meter connection, or what repair is deemed necessary.

closed #174255

Water Utility Problems

2042 W Arbor Ridge WAY

Case Date:

There's water accumulating on the street in front of 2041 W Arbor Ridge Way ( it can turn to ice). Please have this looked at for a possible water leak.

closed #174193

Water Utility Problems

612 W Green RD

Case Date:

Hi, As of 3:00 this morning, Sunday, November 22, I have no water pressure at all in my home. None of the faucets are running and no toilets are filling. Please give this matter your most urgent attention. Thank you, Phillip Scuderi