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Drainage or Runoff

828 S Woodlawn AVE

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Mr Richie left a voice message on 3/25/15 saying that in heavy rains, water rushes down Wylie and across Woodlawn and down his drive. At times it has gone into the basement. He said he is going to have his drive paved this year and he wants to know if a drain could be put in that would connect to the drain he says runs down the center of his drive.

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Drainage or Runoff

1224 E Maxwell LN

Case Date:

Mr Foster left a voice message yesterday. He said it has to do with a manifestation of water in his basement/crawl space. It is not coming in from the walls and it comes and goes. He had his water lines changed thinking that was the problem but still occurs. The area becomes muddy and now there's some mold as well. He wants advice on what he can do.

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Drainage or Runoff

1025 E Maxwell LN

Case Date:

Rick Alexander forwarded a voice message to me from Ms Anderson. She said they have a situation with their neighbor, his back yard joins their back yard, and he has rigged a pipe that collects water from his gutters and is going into their yard. It's coming into their back yard and she want to know if he can do that.

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Drainage or Runoff

1016 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

Christine emailed the following: I am writing to ask if you could give me an update on what is being done about the storm water management around my property. Spring is coming soon and we inevitably get hit with a lot of rain and runoff.