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Drainage or Runoff

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The storm drain at the corner of 8th & John is clogged. It is totally covered over with soil and yard waste that has eroded from the yard on the corner. The people there have dug up their yard with no erosion control barriers in place so tons of mud and stuff has flowed down to the storm water drain. Please do something. Thanks, Nate

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Debris Removal

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The sidewalk south of Taylor Ct along Olcott Blvd has about a 1" of sediment on it and needs cleared. There was some ponding occurring on the sidewalk but we shoveled a channel through the tree plot to release the water to the inlet in low point of the road.

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Water Utility Problems

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broken water line

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Question: when do you exoect to turn on water fountains along the B? Thank you.

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Blocked Sidewalk

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These barriers at co live 14th &college are supposed to be water filled. They just have an inch of rainwater.

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Water Utility Problems

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Weak water pressure at 4600 S Old St Rd 37 Bloomington IN 47401

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Excessive Growth

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I live at 812 W 2nd St. My next door neighbor lives at 820 W. 2nd St. Her back yard is overgrown and has containers that fill with water. In warm weather these containers breed mosquitos. I can't even go outside in the summer because the mosquitos are so bad. Also, she won't cut her grass along 2nd St. She says it is flowers, but it is weeds. I have seen rats in there. Also it is a traffic hazard because cars turning on to 2nd St. from Euclid St. can't see oncoming traffic. I am also sending a copy of this email to the State Board of Health in Indianapolis.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

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yes I received a note on my door that I had used 25,000 gallons of water and I need to contact the utilities and so I did and they said the meter showed that and I should contact a plumber so I did paid a plumber to come out and he spent four hours at my house and he found no leaks but to be safe he put new flaps and supplies in out toilets and now not only am I out the money for a plumber but also they want me to pay these high water bills I am on a fixed income and there is no way I can do this so what can we do about this

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Water Utility Problems

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We are using a lot more water than we should. Would like meter/lines checked for leaks, etc.

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Water Utility Problems

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Water Hydrant LEAK