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Page last updated on May 12, 2023 at 4:54 pm

The Board of Park Commissioners in November 2005 approved a cooperative service agreement between the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) and the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department for a one-acre neighborhood park at the former Broadview Elementary School.

With the closure of the Broadview Elementary School, the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department and the Planning and Transportation Department, and the Broadview Neighborhood Association, proposed that the Parks and Recreation Department operate the area behind the school that contained playground equipment and a small basketball court, to maintain the benefits of keeping this area as a neighborhood park. MCCSC retains ownership of the Broadview Park property.

The Parks and Recreation Department received a $125,000 Community Development Block Grant to fund the installation of new playground equipment, and to install a picnic shelter, park benches, a drinking fountain and picnic tables. The playground was officially opened May 23, 2007.