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Page last updated on November 15, 2023 at 4:20 pm

Neighborhood Association or Homeowners Association? What's the Difference?

neighborhood association is a section of a city with a common identity. Neighborhood associations offer a place to meet friends, exchange information, create projects and priorities, propose solutions, and have fun. 

homeowners association (HOA) is formed by a developer, pertains to a specific subdivision or project, and provides the framework for the future maintenance of the development's common grounds and amenities. 

Learn more.



Support for Neighborhoods

HAND provides technical support services to neighborhood associations within the city limits of Bloomington. HAND staff provide neighborhood associations with tools and resources for planning and development that reflect their individual needs and to facilitate communication between neighborhoods and City Departments.



Get Involved With Your Neighborhood Association

Does your neighborhood have an established neighborhood association?

Find out by visiting myBloomington. If your neighborhood association has a website, you'll find a link to it in the list at the bottom of this page. Discover the boundaries of your neighborhood in the Neighborhood Map Gallery.

Do you have an idea for a neighborhood project?

Apply for a neighborhood grant from HAND. Also check out the Grant Guide idea booklet.



Are you interested in forming a NEW neighborhood association?

Learn more with the Bloomington Neighborhood Organization Guide

If you would like your neighborhood association to be formally recognized by the City of Bloomington, please follow these steps:

  1. Convene a group of neighbors to develop bylaws for your organization. This template contains minimum requirements that your bylaws must meet for official City recognition of your organization.
  2. Download and complete this fillable Neighborhood Registration Form.
  3. Send BOTH your bylaws and registration form to the HAND Department.
  4. Work with HAND to develop a map depicting your neighborhood boundaries. You neighborhood will then be featured on the official City  neighborhood association maps posted on the City website.


For more information contact Angela Van Rooy, Neighborhood Services Program Manager in the HAND Department at or 812-349-3505.



Neighborhood Association Logo Challenge

HAND challenges Bloomington neighborhood associations to design their own unique logo! 

Put your thinking caps on, get your creative juices flowing. Create a logo that represents your unique corner of the city. What is special about your 'hood? What distinguishes it from all others? What do you want others to know about it?

This is a great opportunity for you and your neighbors to think about why you love your neighborhood, and how you can best represent it in a logo. 

Official Logo Guidelines:

  1. This is intended to be a fun activity, and need not be a professional job. Please do not spend money hiring a professional graphic designer.
  2. This is intended to be a group activity. Try to involve as many of your neighbors as possible in the brainstorming process. You must work together to create ONE mutually agreeable logo for your neighborhood.
  3. Your logo should be 3" x 3" (aspect ratio of 1:1) and 300 dpi, saved as a pdf file (this is important).  

  4. Logos may be black and white OR full color. The choice is yours.
  5. Your email submission should include:
    • a pdf attachment with one mutually agreed upon logo per neighborhood; 
    • in the body of the email please include: 
      • neighborhood association name; 
      • contact person name, email, and phone number;
      • a brief statement about how and/or why your logo represents your neighborhood.
  6. Each neighborhood that submits a logo will receive a banner featuring that logo, courtesy of HAND.


Please email your logo to



Covenanter neighbors hold a banner depicting their neighborhood association logo
Covenanter neighbors hold a banner depicting their neighborhood association logo.



Fritz Terrace neighbors hold a banner depicting their neighborhood association logo
Fritz Terrace neighbors hold a banner depicting their neighborhood association logo.

















Recording of 2021 Fundraising Workshop for Neighborhood Associations.





Click here for a Bloomington neighborhood association map.


Below is a list of all Neighborhood Associations registered in the City of Bloomington. The association names that are underlined have links to the corresponding association's website or Facebook page. If your Neighborhood Association has a website and you would like to have a link inserted on this page, please contact Angela Van Rooy at or 812-349-3505.