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Page last updated on April 10, 2023 at 2:10 pm

The City of Bloomington, Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) offers Neighborhood Improvement Grants annually. The program is designed to improve the quality of life within neighborhoods and in the city as a whole, by giving residents an opportunity to have direct input in the improvement of their neighborhoods.  The funds provide for neighborhood-driven projects with community-wide benefit. In 2023 the City expects to award $30,000 in grant funding.


New for 2023

Eligible projects include these categories:

  • physical improvements,

  • public art,

  • leadership training, 

  • organizational capacity building projects and events.

  • up to 10% of funds may be used for design development of a proposed project.


This grant program is intended for projects with a total cost of at least $1,100, and requires a 10% neighborhood match. The match requirement may include in-kind labor, donated materials and services, and cash.

This is a neighborhood-driven process. Successful applications will demonstrate significant neighborhood involvement and support. 


Past projects have included:

  • neighborhood entrance signs,
  • restoration of historic sidewalks,
  • playground equipment,
  • public art installations,
  • landscaping,
  • street tree planting,
  • bench installation,
  • native plant restoration in a neighborhood park,
  • signs in Rose Hill Cemetery,
  • kiosks, trash cans, dog waste stations,
  • walking paths,
  • historic markers/signs.



2023 Timeline

Virtual Informational Meeting--MANDATORY. A representative from each neighborhood that is considering an application must attend ONE of these meetings.

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 6:00 p.m. OR Monday, January 30, 2023, 7:00 p.m. 


Letter of Intent

  • Due Monday, February 6, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.

  • Email letter to


Technical Assistance Meeting

  • HAND will schedule a meeting with each participating neighborhood. Must be completed by Friday, February 17, 2023.


Applications Due

  • Monday, March 20, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.


Neighborhood Presentations to Grant Council (virtual public meeting)


Neighborhood Improvement Grant Council Work Session (virtual public meeting)


How to Apply

START with the 2023 Neighborhood Improvement Grant Application Guidelines. They provide everything you need to know about the application process. Keep the guidelines handy as you complete the application--they are your step-by-step instructions.


The 2023 Neighborhood Improvement Grant application form is entirely electronic. You will need a Google account to submit the application. This allows you to upload files, receive a copy of your application, and edit your application after submission. 


Please read through the application in its entirety before beginning to fill out the electronic form. You will be asked to upload a number of files to your application; please have these completed and ready for upload before you begin to complete the form. 


Links to all REQUIRED documents

Please download each form, complete it, and save your completed version. Please refer to the grant application form for information about where to upload each of your completed documents.

Project Work Plan

Volunteer Hours Computation Sheet

Notice of Presentation

Affidavit of Notice to Adjacent Property Owners

Attestation of Neighborhood Inclusivity

Neighborhood Improvement Grant Budget Template

Volunteer Commitment Form


Additional Resources

2022 Neighborhood Improvement Grant Guidelines

Vendor documents

Waiver, Release, and Hold-Harmless Agreement

2023 Neighborhood Services Calendar

A Guide to the Regulated Terrestrial Invasive Plant Species of Indiana

City of Bloomington Prohibited Plant Species 

City of Bloomington Policy and Procedures for Private Art Installations within the Public Right of Way


Need Assistance?

If your organization has an idea for which you are interested in applying for a Neighborhood Improvement Grant, contact

Angela Van Rooy

Neighborhood Services Program Manager





2022 Neighborhood Improvement Grants Awarded


Arden Place Neighborhood Association

Awarded $9,000.00 to install stand-alone outdoor fitness equipment in Southeast Park. Equipment will be accessible to individuals of differing ages and fitness levels.


Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association

Awarded $6,000.00 to repair eight decorative wrought iron panels, located at the two neighborhood entrances on North Dunn Street.



Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association

Awarded $6,551.74 for 20 street sign toppers, a kiosk in Building Trades Park, and signage in Rose Hill Cemetery.



2022 Neighborhood Improvement Grant Council Members

Roy Aten, Engineering Department


Deborah Myerson, Redevelopment Commission


Nate Nickel, Public Works Department


Sue Tuohy, Crescent Bend Neighborhood Association


Linda Woods, Eastern Heights Neighborhood Association




2021 Neighborhood Improvement Grants Awarded


Bloomington Housing Authority Resident Council

Awarded $5,019.16 to place additional trash cans, cigarette butt disposal cans, and pet waste stations throughout the three Bloomington Housing Authority properties (Rev. Butler, Crestmont, and Walnut Woods).

pet waste station
A dog waste station installed in Crestmont Community.













EverGreen Village Neighborhood

Awarded $1,107.60 to place a neighborhood entrance sign at the corner of Susie Street and RCA Park Drive.

Evergreen entrance sign
Neighborhood entrance sign welcomes you to EverGreen Village.
















Near West Side Neighborhood Association

Awarded $2,743.00 to paint murals on the five traffic calming circles within the neighborhood. The theme of the murals will celebrate the diverse history of the Near West Side.


Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association

Awarded $4,410.00 to place seven way finding signs in the Rose Hill Cemetery. This is the continuation of a grant request that was partially funded in 2020.

Rose Hill Cemetery section sign
One of the Rose Hill Cemetery way finding section signs.














St. James Woods Neighborhood Association

Awarded $5,491.79 to revitalize the landscaping on a City-owned parcel at the entrance to their neighborhood along E Moores Pike.

St James landscape1
St. James Woods neighbors made many improvements to this landscaped area at their neighborhood entrance.


Village of Ridgefield Homeowners Association

Awarded $3,973.85 to place four ADA-compliant benches along the sidewalks within their neighborhood.

NI grant-funded benches in Village of Ridgefield
A resident of the Village of Ridgefield enjoys a respite on one of their new ADA-compliant benches.

















Woodlands-Winding Brook Homeowners Association

Awarded $4,254.60 to place new neighborhood signs on either side of their neighborhood entrance. Their previous signs were removed when the City constructed a new walking path in the area.

Woodlands entry sign
One of the two new neighborhood signs at the entrance to The Woodlands neighborhood.












CONGRATULATIONS 2021 Neighborhood Improvement Grant recipients!



Special THANKS to 2021 Neighborhood Improvement Grant Council members for their service:


Roy Aten, Planning and Transportation Department

Cindy Kinnarney, Redevelopment Commission

Nate Nickel, Public Works Department

Debora Shaw, Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association

Linda Woods, Eastern Heights Neighborhood Association




2020 Neighborhood Improvement Grants Awarded

At its May 4, 2020 meeting the Bloomington Redevelopment Commission approved the following Neighborhood Improvement Grant funding, for a total of $14,800.74:


$4,532.74 to the Bloomington Housing Authority Residents' Council for “Community Engagement and Back-to-School Resource Fair”

BHARC kiosk 2020
Three kiosks were installed at Bloomington Housing Authority properties to improve communication with residents.



$3,488.00 to the Park Ridge East Neighborhood Association for “Creekside Gardens and Paths—Park Ridge East Park Restoration Phase 2”

butterfly garden
The butterfly garden in Park Ridge East Park.















$6,780.00 the the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association for “Rose Hill Cemetery Improvements 2020”

section sign
One of twelve cemetery section signs installed at Rose Hill Cemetery.




















Special THANKS to 2020 Neighborhood Improvement Grant Council members for their service:


Roy Aten, Planning and Transportation Department

Cindy Kinnarney, Redevelopment Commission

Nate Nickel, Public Works Department

Linda Woods, Eastern Heights Neighborhood Association

Sharon Yarber, Matlock Heights Neighborhood Association