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Page last updated on October 26, 2023 at 11:48 am

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The B-Town Neighboring Project (BNP) is an initiative designed to encourage positive relationships between off-campus students and long-term residents of the City of Bloomington. The project was conceived by HAND staff, who have worked in close collaboration with stakeholders, including: IU students, neighborhood association members, staff from the IU Division of Student Affairs, and landlords. The ultimate goal of the program is to strengthen neighborhoods by fostering relationships among neighbors, encouraging respect, and promoting public safety. We do this is two ways: education and community building.


To learn more about the BNP and the work that has been done to date, check out this TIMELINE.


Educating Off-Campus Students

Living off campus comes with new responsibilities. Students go from living communally in a residence hall to suddenly being on their own in the community. There are so many things to learn about running a household, from taking out the trash to changing the batteries in the smoke detectors. Students need to educate themselves about the rules and regulations for living in Bloomington, but WHERE can students find all of this information?

The B-town Neighboring Project encourages students to be successful neighbors and community members by providing them with easily accessible information about off-campus living. To that end, HAND staff have created a one-stop webpage featuring links to all of the practical information students need when living in the Bloomington community. Check out our Welcome! webpage for information on:

  • Parking
  • Trash & recycling
  • Utilities
  • Pets
  • Rules about noise
  • Transportation
  • Much, much more


We also educate students through direct outreach opportunities such as:

  • Canvassing in IU-adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Participating in the Indiana Daily Student (IDS) Housing Fairs each semester.
  • Presenting at IU First Year Experience orientations and webinars.
  • Tabling at IU Arts & Humanities Council's First Thursdays events.


Building Community

The B-town Neighboring Project currently works with five IU Student Fellows. Some of the projects they have developed include:

  • Designing the BNP logo.
  • Designing the BNP brochure (check it out below!)
  • Designing and testing multiple versions of flyers and yard signs in order to determine the most effective means of communicating with students living in the Elm Heights Neighborhood.
  • Planning and executing a welcome to Elm Heights Neighborhood Block Party at the start of the 2022-23 academic year, in collaboration with the Elm Heights Neighborhood Association.


If you are an IU student who is interested in learning more about this important initiative, please get in touch:




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BNP recognized with City of Bloomington Innovation @ Work "Best Community Connection" award!

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Green Acres Neighborhood Canvass - October 2022

The BNP organized a canvassing campaign to knock on doors, welcome residents, and provide printed information about City services in the Green Acres neighborhood, east of the Indiana University campus. Five groups, representing IU students, IU staff, and City staff, walked the entire neighborhood and delivered 375 informational packets.


This effort supports the mission of the B-town Neighboring Project by educating off-campus students about

  • City services and programs (parking permits, fire safety, Residents Academy, etc)
  • City ordinances (parking, trash & recycling, noise, etc.)
  • IU resources for students
  • Renters rights and responsibilities
  • Good neighboring practices


Green Acres canvass 1


Green Acres canvass 2













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Elm Heights Block Party - August 2022

The BNP in collaboration with the Elm Heights Neighborhood Association, welcomed new student neighbors to the hood with a block party, featuring free food, music, games, and great neighbors! Thanks to everyone who came out to join in the festivities! And a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors:

  • B-Town Neighboring Project
  • City of Bloomington-HAND
  • Elm Heights Neighborhood Association
  • IU Dean of Students Office
  • IU Student Legal Services
  • Harmony School


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BNP block party1


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Find out how you can get involved by contacting Angela Van Rooy, Neighborhood Services Program Manager, at or 812-349-3505.