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Page last updated on May 25, 2023 at 11:29 am

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Vehicles With Six or More Unpaid Citations are Now Subject to Towing

Bloomington, Ind.–In accordance with a new city code passed by City Council in late 2022 and being implemented June 12, vehicles with six or more unpaid citations may now be towed and impounded. Once towed, the vehicle owner must provide proof that the parking citations have been paid before the vehicle will be released. The City of Bloomington Parking Services division will begin notifying vehicle owners with multiple citations via email and U.S. Mail with information and steps to avoid being towed (provided at the links below) prior to June 12.    


Parking officials will provide notice to the vehicle owner when issuing a fifth parking citation on a vehicle that has four unpaid citations. A neon green “Immediate Action Required Notification” will be placed on the vehicle. This notification provides the vehicle owner with the necessary steps to take to avoid being towed for outstanding citations. Only vehicles that are in active violation of City parking ordinances will be towed. Information about towing and storage fees is available at: 


To pay or appeal citations, visit:


For information about what to do if you receive a tow warning, visit:


For information about what to do when a vehicle gets towed, visit:

Questions should be directed to Parking Services at 812-349-3436 or