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Page last updated on July 7, 2023 at 11:32 am

Hello Neighbor!


Dear Neighbor,

Thanks for visiting the City of Bloomington website! We're glad to have you here, and we've got a lot to share!

Bloomington's residential areas are colorful, vibrant neighborhoods, and if you live in one, there's a good chance it's got an organization behind it. There are more than 60 active neighborhood associations in the city, working to improve the quality of life for the residents within them.

The information here is provided to help you understand the programs, services, codes, and ordinances for Bloomington residents. They are guidelines for living together: They reflect the spirit of the neighborhoods, and the desire for all residents to live happily in their homes. 

Whether you've just arrived in town or have lived here for years, the information on this page will be of use to you. Hopefully, you'll find just what you're looking for. If you still have questions, we're here to help. Please call Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) at 812-349-3420 or email

Kind Regards,

The HAND Staff



New to your neighborhood? Follow these steps:

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Be a Good Neighbor

Simply enter your street address, and you'll be provided with information such as:

  • a map of your immediate area showing local parks, schools, and road work;

  • your City Council district number and map;

  • names of your local elected officials, and how to contact them;

  • the name of your neighborhood association, if you have one;

  • your trash & recycling collection day;

  • and much more.


Stay up to date on what happening in the Bloomington community. The HAND Update is Bloomington's neighborhood newsletter. It includes information about City programs, services, and events, as well as community news and events. It is published on the first Monday of each month by the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development.

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors. 

  • Exchange contact information.

  • Keep your yard and porch clean.

  • Drive carefully. Park legally.

  • Be a considerate pet owner: keep your dog on a leash and always pick up and properly dispose of pet waste.

  • Use the Nextdoor app to communicate with your neighbors and keep up on issues affecting your area.

  • Lend a hand: offer to help rake leaves or shovel snow. Be kind and helpful.