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The Park Ambassador program is an all-volunteer program that gives the public an opportunity to promote community stewardship and bridge the communication between the community and our Department. The Park Ambassador program sends a message that the community cares about its parks.

Through weekly visits to the park, Ambassadors document maintenance needs, report acts of vandalism, interact with park users, promote park safety and encourage an overall positive use of public space. The Ambassador position is a minimum one-year commitment and requires volunteers to attend an Ambassador Orientation prior to participation in the program.

Objectives for the Park Ambassador program are to bridge the line of communication between the community and Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department; assist Bloomington Parks and Recreation with the general maintenance and upkeep of parks through close observation which will enhance safety for park visitors while, at the same time, provide a presence to deter crime and vandalism; encourage the community to take a proactive approach in maintaining the integrity and intended use of parks and green space.

We are not currently accepting applications for Park Ambassadors. Learn about other opportunities how you, your group or your business can become a volunteer.

Once trained, volunteers are expected to:

  • visit park at least once per week to assess the overall condition
  • report unusual or suspicious activity taking place in the park
  • complete one-page Observation Report on park condition and park activity once per month and submit it to the program supervisor
  • organize one park beautification work day and schedule with volunteer coordinator a minimum of once per year

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation will:

  • orient individuals and/or groups to the Park Ambassador program
  • keep Ambassadors informed of park projects or activities taking place in adopted park
  • provide maintenance tools and arrange for the use of maintenance equipment during scheduled beautification days
  • recognize Ambassadors on Web page and provide Ambassador names to Bloomington Police Department
Park Ambassadors
Park Ambassador
Broadview Park Dani Graf
Bryan Park Stephen Bailey
Building Trades Park Daniel Muller
Butler Park Rachel Aine
Lower Cascades Park Patrick Martin
Olcott Park Mary Jean Cappiello
RCA Community Park Mindy Bartlett

Resources for the Park Ambassador Volunteer!