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The first of several phases of the Jackson Creek Trail began with construction of the Trail from the Winslow, High and Rogers roundabout south across the City-owned "Goat Farm" property to Sherwood Oaks Park, a distance of approximately 6/10 of a mile.

How to get to the Jackson Creek Trail from Sherwood Oaks Park and Olcott Park (PDF 82.89 KB)

Bloomington Parks and Recreation Park Property Rules

Report a problem on the Jackson Creek Trail

The Trail is similar in design to the Clear Creek Trail with a 12' asphalt pavement width, landscape plantings, rain garden drainage features, and site amenities such as park benches and a drinking fountain. Crider & Crider of Bloomington was contractor on the project. Work commenced in spring 2010. The first phase of the Jackson Creek Trail is now complete, as of Summer 2010.

Parking to access the Jackson Creek Trail is available at Olcott Park, Jackson Creek Middle School, Sherwood Oaks Park, and Childs Elementary School. Parking is NOT permitted at the Goat Farm property, or near the Winslow/High/Rogers roundabout.

The $327,295.25 cost for trail construction, as well as the construction inspection costs (TBD) were 100% funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.