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Page last updated on March 4, 2024 at 11:10 am

The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department is proud to offer programs that help make Bloomington an active community! The Department works in partnership with the Active Living Coalition and the Monroe County Health Department to increase the number of people who engage in healthy, active lifestyles. Through these combined resources, the community benefits from programs, health fairs, events, and other opportunities that positively affect health and wellness.

Winter Wander Challenge - Download the free mobile app OuterSpatial to participate Jan. 1-March 31.

Twin Lakes Recreation Center


Heart Smart: Ignite the Spark of Health

February is National Hearth Health Month! Become heart smart and ignite the spark of heath by learning how nutrition, physical activity, stress, and substances impact heart health. Join us each Monday in February at the Allison-Jukebox Community Center for presentations and demonstrations to improve your heart health.

For all ages.
Allison-Jukebox Community Center, 351 S. Washington St.

M 2/5 · 6-7 p.m. · Register by 2/2 · 110105-A — Nutrition education should be individualized and comprehensive. Join our registered dietitian in learning how your diet could be impacting your heart health, and ways to make sustainable improvements for a longer life.

M 2/12 · 6-7 p.m. · Register by 2/9 · 110105-B — Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve overall cardiovascular well-being. Join us in learning how to make physical activity enjoyable and sustainable for you!

M 2/19 · 6-7 p.m. · Register by 2/16 · 110105-C — Stress, in the short-term and long-term, negatively impacts the heart. Join us in learning how to become more resilient against life's stressors.

M 2/5 · 6-7 p.m. · Register by 2/23 · 110105-D — Join us in gaining a deeper understanding of the risks associated with alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco use, as well as evidence-based strategies for promoting heart-healthy choices.


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