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The City of Bloomington is working with Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute to develop a five-year framework for Bloomington’s sustainability strategy that identifies both short- and long-term goals and actions in City operations and within the broader community. The plan includes an evaluation and reporting mechanism for a comprehensive, community sustainability program that references environmental, economic and equity elements.


Draft Plan

The draft plan is available at Several public information sessions were offered from August 21-30 to provide an overview of the plan and key recommendations. Please note: the public comment period for the draft plan is now closed. 

Summary of Process: February to August 2018

The draft Sustainability Action Plan was developed by the Department of Economic and Sustainable Development, in coordination with consultants Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute, and substantial input from City employees and community stakeholders.  Two open houses were held in February to solicit general public feedback on thematic areas of the plan and an online survey was shared via social media and on the City’s website to provide an ongoing mechanism for public input.

An Advisory Board was formed in February 2018 to advise the SAP development process and provide input on draft documents. The Advisory Board met in February, March, and May to discuss preliminary planning efforts.  To provide opportunities for meaningful public input and facilitate collaboration between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, four working groups were established around key themes. Each working group met four times between March and May 2018 and identified priority issues, goals and actions for inclusion in the plan.

The consultants read and referenced the Comprehensive Plan as it defines the vision and goals related to climate change and sustainability in Bloomington. They also reviewed more than 20 existing City reports and plans related to sustainability themes, to review relevant metrics and actions included in community sustainability frameworks, and compare sustainability initiatives in six college towns of similar population to Bloomington. This information was evaluated in conjunction with public input to develop the draft plan.


Next Steps

After the plan is reviewed and updated based on community feedback, it will be presented to City Council for review, comment, and adoption in late 2018.


Contact Information

For more information, please contact Autumn Salamack, Assistant Director of Sustainability with the Department of Economic and Sustainable Development.   Autumn can be reached by email at or phone at 812-349-3837.

SAP Documents