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Page last updated on August 20, 2021 at 8:33 pm

                                2021-2022 ONLINE PERMIT REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE! 


Online Portal Step 1 Permit Request:  To request a parking permit click on the checkmark button labeled Step 1 on the bottom of the Parking Permit Portal page.

Online Portal Step 2 Permit Purchase:  After you receive your permit request approval email, click on the Get Permit button.

Please Note:  Permit applicant's name and address must be the same name and address on the tenant lease for a permit request to be approved.

Click Here To Request a 2021-2022 Neighborhood Residential Permit (Online Portal)


                                       Please check your address first before for eligibility before requesting a

                                                          Neighborhood Residential Permit:  My Bloomington

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Bloomington will continue to observe the regulations set in place last year to obtain permits and again will not conduct in-person sales.  In an attempt to protect the community and city employees, all 2021-2022 permit applications will be completed online and all permits will be mailed. 

                                               Use this Zone Map to check which Zone you may be eligible to purchase :  

                                                                         Neighborhood Parking Permit Zone Map




Ordinance 15.04.140 Neighborhood Parking Permits