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Page last updated on August 19, 2022 at 7:24 pm

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Bloomington will continue to observe the regulations set in place last year to obtain permits and again will not conduct in-person sales.  In an attempt to protect the community and city employees, all 2022-2023 permit applications will be completed online and all permits will be mailed. 



Online Portal Step 1 Permit Request:  To request a parking permit click on the checkmark button labeled Step 1 on the bottom of the Parking Permit Portal page. 

 Please note when uploading documents these are the file size and type requirement for attachments: 4MB File Size Limit - ACCEPTED FILE TYPES: PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF


Online Portal Step 2 Permit Purchase:  After you receive your permit request approval email, click on the Get Permit button.

Please Note:  Permit applicant's name and address must be the same name and address on the tenant lease for a permit request to be approved.

                                   On-line 2022-2023 Neighborhood Residential Permit Program click here to access portal.

                                               Use this Zone Map to check which Zone you may be eligible to purchase :  

                                                                         Neighborhood Parking Permit Zone Map

What are the hours of enforcement for the Neighborhood Residential Parking Program? 15.37.030  Parking Enforcement Hours for Neighborhood Zones

Do you have a temporary registration (paper license plate)? If so, you will be issued a 30-day temporary parking permit.  Please go ahead and click and request a permit through the portal link above. Once you receive your permanent registration, you will need to download a copy of your new vehicle registration to and we will mail you your permanent parking permit.

Sample of vehicle registrations: Insurance cards and title to vehicles will not be accepted. 

Sample of tenant leases: Information on the lease that is required: The tenant's full name, full address of property including zip code, the start and end date of the lease agreement, and signatures of both tenant and landlord. 

Sample of greek letters: Must be on fraternity/sorority letterhead no lists will be accepted.

Sample of utility bill for homeowners only:  Water, sewer, or electric

Sample of Collins letter: Must be on IU letterhead

Ordinance 15.04.140 Neighborhood Parking Permits