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Applications, Taps, Installation of Services


  • Tap requests must be made a minimum of 1 week in advance for approval and paperwork to be completed.

    • All taps on existing infrastructure owned by CBU are to be completed by CBU personnel.  Any exceptions to this rule will be determined by CBU staff.

    • Taps up to 12" in size: Contractor must complete all prep work prior to CBU's arrival to make the tap.  This includes: site excavation, exposing the main, installation of the saddle & tapping valve, supply any necessary trench shoring, etc.

    • All taps greater than 12” will be performed by an outside contractor, and hired at the expense of the developer/general contractor.  CBU inspector MUST BE ON-SITE during the tap.

    • Back-filling and site restoration are also the responsibility of the contractor.


  • New Service applications must be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.  For projects requiring larger services/meters/firelines, please work with the New Services Coordinator at the Pre-construction Meeting to determine an appropriate timeframe to begin this process.  (Large meters must be special ordered and have a 3-6 week lead time.)

    • Any special considerations such as: street closures and/or lane restrictions must be conveyed to both the New Services Coordinator (when applying for taps/services), as well as, our T&D Dept (when scheduling of the tap/service installation).

    • It is the contractor’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permits for any work in the Right-of-Way, street and/or sidewalk closures, etc.

    • Requests to expedite this process or scheduling precedence (outside of those mentioned above) will not be honored.  All tap requests & new service applications will be processed in normal order and scheduled on the next available date.


  • All connection fees are to be paid in advance of installation of service and/or meter.


Any questions should be directed to the New Services Coordinator at (812)349-3689.



Procedure to Apply for New Service Connections

  • Applications for NEW Residential, Commercial and Industrial connections may be obtained in the following ways:
    • Pick up form at the City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) office which is located at 600 E Miller Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401  [Map]
    • Call 812-349-3930 and ask for the form to be mailed, faxed, or emailed to you.
    • Print the appropriate form at the bottom of the page:
      • Application for New Water/Sewer Connection (Residential)
      • Application for New Water/Sewer Connection (Commercial/Multi-Family)


  • At this time, these forms are not available to be filled out online. Please return the completed form in one of the following ways:
    • Drop off at the CBU office
    • Mail, fax, or scan and email to the locations indicated on the bottom of the form.


  • If the property needing new connection is outside of City of Bloomington's Corporate limits and will be connecting to sanitary sewer, the following is necessary:
    • A copy of the deed must accompany the new service application.
    • A Waiver of Protest to Annexation is required to be signed.
    • City Legal will prepare the Waiver and contact you when it is ready to be signed.


  • Depending on the complexity of the project needing new connection, the application process can take as little as two weeks for approval; however, please plan ahead and submit applications as soon as possible.


  • For additional questions, please contact our Project Coordinator – New Services at (812)349-3689.