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City of Bloomington Utilities
Attn: Engineering Utilities Technician
600 E Miller Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm




City of Bloomington Utilities
Attn: MS4 Coordinator
600 E Miller Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm



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What is the general timeframe for a plan to be reviewed?

Plans are reviewed according to their queue in the system, which is based upon the date of submittal.  CBU strives to maintain a standard review timeline of 2-4 weeks for a full project review.  Review comments are then issued to the appropriate parties.  Requests for reviews of a minor revision outside of the normal queue process are reviewed at the discretion of the Project Reviewer(s).  Requests for a full review to be expedited will not be honored.  We appreciate your understanding of our policy to ensure that all projects receive the proper attention that they require for accuracy and turn-around time.


How will CBU contact me about my project?

A Notification of Receipt of Plans letter will be issued to those listed on the project review application, and it will include your project information, review team, and additional information as needed. Plans are reviewed based upon the date of submittal. CBU’s standard review timeline of 2-4 weeks will not be adjusted to accommodate requests for a full review to be expedited.  Reviews of a minor revision for correctness are at the discretion of the Project Reviewer(s).  A formal review letter will be issued once the team has completed their review.


How will I know if my plans are approved?

Upon project design approval, the City of Bloomington Utilities will issue an official letter of "Acceptance & Approval of Plans".  Once you receive this notification, you are ready to proceed to the next step.  If you wish to check on the status of your project review, you may contact your Project Review Team, call our Engineering Utilities Technician at (812)349-3676, or send an email to:


What is the next step after my project is approved?

CBU requires a Pre-Construction Meeting to be held PRIOR to the start of construction.  Contact the Utilities Technician at (812)349-3676 to schedule a meeting for your project.  The meeting will be held at our office.


How do I request existing utility location data?

Contact our Assistant GIS Coordinator via phone (812-349-3620), email us, or stop by our office for a printed map.  


Who do I contact for Permits, Road and Sidewalk Closures, and Construction Bonding?

  • IN CITY LIMITS:  Contact the City of Bloomington Planning & Transportation Department for all Grading Permits, Excavation & ROW Permits, Street or Sidewalk Closures, Construction Bonding, Site Inspections, etc.  If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Transportation Department at (812) 349-3423, or send an E-mail to  Click here to visit their website.
  • MONROE COUNTY / OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS:  Contact the Monroe County Building Department to inquire about Building Permits, Construction Site Inspections, and many other project types.  Click here to visit their website.
  • IU CAMPUS AREA:  Building design and construction is managed by IU Capital Projects for all IU campuses. Projects include: new construction, additions, renovations, etc.  For questions or assistance, contact Steve Freeman at or 812-855-1762.  Click here to visit their website.


How do I obtain a “Will Serve” Letter for my Lending Institution or another entity requesting service availability documentation?

Contact the Engineering Department by phone or email us: with your request.  Include the site address, your name, mailing address, and a contact phone # or email address.


How do I request fire flow data?

Contact our Project Coordinator - New Services via phone or email your request to:  Include the site location, your name, your company, phone # & email address along with any other relevant details for your project.


How do I apply for a NEW CONNECTION for water and/or sewer?

Click here for more information.


What is the difference between changing an existing service into my name and applying for a new connection?

  • Simply transferring an existing service into your name can be accomplished using our online forms ( or by stopping by our office. 
  • A brand new location will not have ever had water or sewer service before.  A formal application will be required for approval.  CBU will create work order requests to make the tap and/or set the new service into the ground as part of this process.  The new service application is available below, or in our office.  Choose between the residential application and the commercial/multi-family residential application according to the type of service you will require.  Send the completed application & customer contract to our office; be sure to complete the fixture count data section for proper meter sizing.  The approval process normally has a 2-week turn-around timeframe; please plan accordingly.  Projects requiring large meters should anticipate a 4-6 week turn-around period for the approval and ordering of the meter.  All new service applications require payment up front before the service will be set and meter released.  Questions regarding this process should be directed to our Project Coordinator over New Services at (812)349-3689.


Where do I find the PWS and Peak Flow Demand information for my IDEM NOI Application?

Click here for the informational sheet.  It will be updated annually to reflect the most accurate figures for the 2-year period. 


Why am I required to install a Grease Interceptor if I’m building a new Commercial Development, but it will not include a restaurant or become a Food Service Establishment (FSE)? 

Any existing or new business that is designated as a Food Service Establishment (FSE), or a property that is zoned for FSE's fall within the applicability requirements of the Bloomington Municipal Code (BMC) 10.17.030


My project is not a Food Service Establishment, what other option(s) do I have in order to fulfill a Grease Interceptor requirement?

  • Option 1: If your project does not include a FSE, and there are no plans for it to change in the future, then you can speak with the Pretreatment team to discuss the option of a Deed Restriction for your property which will prohibit it from ever developing into a FSE.  Email: to discuss this option.
  • Option 2: Install the Grease Interceptor unit and plumb it to the building.


What sizes are available for Precast Concrete Grease Interceptors?

Typical sizes include: 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000, and 3000 gallon units.


Are there any other types of acceptable Grease Interceptor devices than Precast Concrete?

Yes, please refer to our Pretreatment page for more information and useful links.


What departments will need to look over my plans?

There are too many factors involved in each type of project to have an answer that will cover every project equally; however the departments listed below represent a vast majority of the places that will want to look over your plans.  Please refer to their website or reach out to them directly if you have a specific question.

Monroe County Health Dept:

Name Title Phone (Office) Email
Nicole Wagner Monroe County Health Dept 812-349-2739


Monroe County Building Dept:

Name Title Phone (Office) Email
Main Contact Line Monroe County Building Dept 812-349-2580
Misty Deckard Monroe County Building Dept 812-349-2971


City of Bloomington - Fire

Name Title Phone (Office) Email
Tim Clapp Fire Inspection Officer 812-349-3889


City of Bloomington - Planning & Transportation Dept

Name Title Phone (Office) Email
Beth Rosenbarger Planning Services Manager 812-349-3473
Elizabeth Carter Senior Zoning Compliance Planner 812-349-3592
Emily Venesky Zoning Compliance Planner 812-349-3528
Eric Greulich Senior Zoning Planner 812-349-3526
Jacqueline Scanlan Development Services Manager 812-349-3524
Keegan Gulick Zoning and Long Range Planner 812-349-3531
Linda Thompson Senior Environmental Planner 812-349-3533
Matt Smethurst Project Manager 812-349-3514
Paul Kehrberg Planning Technician 812-349-3597
Roy Aten Senior Project Manager 812.349.3591
Russell White Project Manager 812-349-3525
Ryan Robling Zoning Planner 812-349-3423
Sara Gomez Public Improvements Manager 812-349-3576


City of Bloomington Utilities - Plan Review Team:

Name Title Phone (Office) Cell Email
Jane Fleig Utilities Engineer - CAPITAL PROJECTS & ROADWAY PROJECTS 812-349-3631
Phil Peden Utilities Engineer - DEVELOPMENTS & STORMWATER REVIEW 812-349-3634
Gregory Nettleton Senior Project Coordinator - PRIMARY PLAN REVIEW 812-349-3625
Troy Powell Senior Project Coordinator - PRIMARY PLAN REVIEW 812-349-3632
Nancy Axsom Project Coordinator - FIRELINES & NEW SERVICES 812-349-3689
Michael Carter Project Coordinator - EASEMENTS / PLATS / LANDSCAPING 812-349-3628
Liberty Flora Environmental Program Coordinator - BACKFLOW  812-349-3650
Kelsey Thetonia MS4 Coordinator - RULE 5 812-349-3656
Jason Wenning Pretreatment Coordinator - INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING 812-349-3946
Kevin White Pretreatment Program Inspector - GREASE / FOG 812-349-3934
Eric Love Utilities Inspector - WESTSIDE 812-349-3629 812-327-5480
David Myers Utilities Inspector - EASTSIDE 812-349-3626 812-325-3766
Michael Runyon Utilities Inspector - CENTRAL 812-349-3941 812-325-9162
Tonia Lucas Utilities Technician 812-349-3676
Jay Ramey Utilities Technician 812-349-3633 812-325-7060
Joseph Stephens Utilities Technician 812-349-3627 812-327-0806
Nancy Axsom Project Coordinator - NEW SERVICE APPROVAL 812-349-3689
Angie Grubb-Flick T&D Coordinator - (Contact if unable to reach Larry or Matt) 812-349-3691
Larry Hardin Assistant Superintendent - SEWER TAPS 812-349-3694 812-325-0192
Matt Kinser Assistant Superintendent - WATER TAPS & SERVICES 812-339-1444 812-327-7718