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"Ride" by Jeff Cannon

Official Lyrics - Official Audio .mp3

School Marching Band Score - Marching Band .mp3

Choral Arrangement Score - Choir .mp3 

School Orchestra Score - Orchestra .mp3

Concert Band Score  - Concert .mp3

Vocal and Choir Score - Vocal .mp3

Piano/Voice/Guitar Sheet Music - Piano/Voice/Guitar .mp3

Piano/Voice Sheet Music - Piano/Voice .mp3



More versions: Sibelius, WAV, Mp3, and scores can be found here - Bloomington Community Song Google Drive


About the Bloomington Community Song

The Bloomington Community Song was commissioned in 2018 as part of the City of Bloomington’s bicentennial celebration. Artists from throughout the area were invited to submit project proposals, and after several rounds of narrowing, Jeff Cannon was selected as composer. His song, Ride, reveals a richly familiar Bloomington, an inexplicably fertile place where progressive and traditional values coexist harmoniously, where life is about the living.

The Bloomington Community Song project is offered here as a model community art project. To date, the BCS has brought together more than 30 local artists in the assembly of materials, with many more to come through performances and other uses of the song. To arrange a free performance/teach-in of the song at your event or for your civic organization, or to obtain additional assistance or support of your performance or version of Ride, please contact Jeff Cannon at


Official Lyrics

Ride (The Bloomington Song)

By Jeff Cannon

I took a ride with the world at my side

Through the hills and the fields and the skies

Where the sun warms that part of my Bloomington heart

Where I hold precious memories apart


It fills and I grow

Like higher things that flower  

In these hills of Monroe

With roots below and room enough to rise


Won’t you come and ride with me through these Indiana streets

Past the limestone, the hearth and the home

Where the families of today still remember yesterday

Yes we always remember our way


And so we ride, we don’t race

And we wish this gift of grace for the world

From our Bloomington home.


Remember when you chased the sun around

Until you finally reached the light?

Your letter said, “Give me the comfort and

The breeze of our Indiana ride.”


And so we ride, we don’t race

And we wish this gift of grace for the world

From our Bloomington home


Yes we ride, we don’t race

And we wish this gift of grace for the world

From our Bloomington home



Participating Artists

Jeff Cannon, composer, producer and project manager, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, actor

Kuan-Yi Lu, pianist and arranger

Sarah Flint, female demo vocalist

Oscar Ban, marching band score arranger

Stephen Shannon, choral demo arranger

Michael Grubb, parade choral arranger, singer

Nicole DiPaolo, arranger, choral version score

Steve Sobiech, piano score transcription

Maggie Olivo, MCCSC music and children’s choir director

Sean Staples, mandolin, official version

Michael Lindeau, fiddle

Susan Anderson, fiddle, official version

Jamey Reid, drums and percussion, official version

Jenn Cristy, vocals and piano, official version

Jake Belser, Primary Sound Studios, engineer, all versions

Matt Romy, piano, official version

Ron Kadish, bass guitar, official version

Keith Skooglund, electric guitars, official version

Kolten Heeren, arranger, orchestra and concert band scores

Alex Weiss Hills, piano accordion, official version

Aaron Shafer, director, official version video

Mikaya Rogers, actor, official video

Yvonne Furnish, actor & production assistant

Jason fruits, assistant director, official video

Rachel Glago, actor, official version

Brian Muehlhaus, antique car owner, official video

McDermott-Sipe family, location homeowners, official video

Bob Dubinsky, Bloomington High School South, school bands consultant

Janis Stockhouse, Bloomington High School North, school bands consultant

Farm Bloomington, 4th of July truck loan, sponsors

Sally Gaskill, choral singer

Daisy Chew, choral singer

Brenda McNellen, choral singer

Dana Cattani, choral singer

Vicky King, choral singer

Michael Grubb, choral arranger, singer

Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University-Bloomington, sound recording studio, tracking for official version