City of Bloomington, Indiana


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closed #150052

Biking & Walking

Case Date:

Water fountain broken

closed #157748

Blocked Sidewalk

300 W Gordon PIKE

Case Date:

Sidewalk impassible in front of old water treatment plant on S Walnut across from Royal (west side of street.

closed #156109

Blocked Street

Case Date:

Bye the water treatment plant on Shadyside Rd. The weeds were cut and left in clumps on the road. Dangerous for drivers and cyclists.

closed #134852

Blocked Street

703 N Washington ST

Case Date:

Hole I yard by sidewalk White House back door at corner oh Washington and cottage grove. Very dangerous hole. NOT the water meter at 703

closed #135720

Blocked Street

Case Date:

High water on Walnut south of First Street. Water gushing from manhole in east lane.

closed #147557

City Construction Projects

Indiana University, Bloomington

Case Date:

Subsidence of manhole cover. (Water) I have seen no less than 3 people stumble due to 1/2" drop. Maybe bevel edge of brick.

closed #147579

City Construction Projects

205 E 17th ST

Case Date:

Water shut off cover missing

closed #157586

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Standing water over drain. Continuing problem since recent street work.

closed #150716

Drainage or Runoff

4216 E Penn CT

Case Date:

There is water bubbling up and running down the street there seems to be another water bubbling up on the other side of the street further up Penn Ct

closed #151544

Drainage or Runoff

113–211 E Davis St

Case Date:

Debris has become jammed in the drainage ditch causing the water to be very high in periods of rain. The blockage continues to grow and probably needs to be removed manually.