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closed #171264

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3725 E Brownridge RD

Case Date:

On Sunday there was a break in a water pipe that necessitated digging up the street in from of our house and mail box.The work was left unfinished, I assume due to the snow fall. Is it possible t repair and finish now that the weather has improved. It is difficult for the mailman to deliver mail.

closed #171249

Water Utility Billing Problems

1718 E Thornton DR

Case Date:

my bill's water usage appears to be double my normal amount. Steven Wallace 1718 e. Thornton dr

closed #171248

Water Utility Billing Problems

2409 E Cedarwood CIR

Case Date:

Received latest water bill - water usage was billed for 16,000 gallons, well above usual average of 5,000-8,000 gallons.

closed #171237

Water Quality

1320 E Elliston DR

Case Date:

our water has been very cloudy for over a week now

closed #171207


1023 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

Missing water meter cover at entrance to drive: 1023 and 1025 S Walnut Street

closed #171176

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

317 E University ST

Case Date:

Our shower has flooded with water and fecal matter twice in the past two days.

closed #171174

Water Utility Billing Problems

4634 E Falls Creek DR

Case Date:

My water Utilization is up by a factor of 4 from past months. There is nothing that we are doing to dramatically increase water use. Either past or current metering is in error or there is some kind of major unknown usage.

closed #171168


1104 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

Hi, I was wondering if the trash vehicle could stop just tipping over the trash can when they empty the trash bins in SoMax area. This is the second week that the trashcan was on its side. It damages the trash can over time and this morning there was a lot of water inside of the can. Thank you.

closed #170987

Water Utility Problems

1711 E Windsor DR

Case Date:

Water is bubbling up from the side of the road.

closed #170937

Water Utility Problems

2728 E Spicewood LN

Case Date:

Water pressure has dropped to less than 1/2 normal.